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    I'm sorry that you're so upset by this. I honestly think Emma Josephine is a beautiful name and I'm sure your little one is even more beautiful. Personally, Josephine is one of my favorites and, if I ever get to use her, it would be in honor of a family member. Just out of curiosity, why not just sign using all her initials - EJVL? The 'J' works to break-up the "evil" connection.

    Though, I do agree with several pp; if you want to change it, I think just moving Josephine, "Josie," to be the first name would probably be the the easiest transition. I don't think having her named after your mother would cause issues with her forming her own identity. In fact, your daughter may view it as a special connection to a grandmother she never got to meet.

    Best of luck.
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    I wouldn't worry about changing her name to avoid teasing. Trust me, plenty of kids have awful initials and they survive life just fine - most kids won't notice. In anything official her initials would be EJV anyway, right? Most legal documents just use the first letter of a name, even if hyphenated or Von/Van or Mc/Mac whatever. If she decides that she wants to use both the V & L in signing her initials she can also throw in the Josephine and be EJVL.

    If you've gone 26 months without realizing that her initials look like "evil" I would imagine that lots of other people won't notice it either, you just happened to run into 2 in a short span of time. If in a couple of years Emma comes to you upset because someone teased her about her name you could give her the choice at that point to change her name, I suppose. Personally, I would be much more inclined to change the way I write my initials than to change my entire name, especially if I were at an age where I was old enough to know my name and answer to it.

    Would you legally change her name? Otherwise anytime she wanted to get any sort of official ID (driver's license, passport, etc.) she'd have to legally go by Emma Josephine VL anyway unless you're planning on getting her name legally changed by court order.

    Just a few thoughts and some outside perspective. I hope that you come to a conclusion that can make everyone happy!
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    You could legally change her name to Josephine Emma but still call her Emma.
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    She can still go by 'Em' if you give her a name that starts with M, like Melinda or Marin

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    I like the M name idea where you could still call her Em or Emma as a nickname. I think that Mary Josephine is very pretty and so classic that you're free to come up with a less-intuitive nickname like Emma for the M in Mary! You really could continue calling her Emma so the transition for her wouldn't be at all problematic. Margaret is also a great option, I just prefer Mary with Josephine. Of course you could take the M name thing anywhere you'd like, I just feel that Emma as a nickname for a solid classic like Mary or Margaret works better than Emma as a nickname for Miley or Maisie or something more modern, nicknamey already or something with a built in nickname.

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