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    Name remorse. Any suggestions?

    I have posted previously (which was quite long winded!) and received encouraging positive feedback from the fabulous berries out there which was really appreciated BUT rightly or wrongly I still have name remorse and am looking for a possible solution. I try to step away from it but I cant and I am obsessing over it and do need to move on (as I do have other things to worry about!)
    So, this isn't a post about whether I would or should change our 26 month olds name as it when it came down to it I don't know if I could BUT I need to exhaust all options so I can either do something about it or let it go.

    We named our adorable, love of our lives little girl "Emma Josephine". I know its "nice" and its not that I don't "like" it. I have a problem (as I said rightly or wrongly)with the initials and a potential nickname that I cannot let go of. Emma was my husbands choice (we found it very hard to agree on a name!) and Josephine is after my mother who has passed away. If I had my time again I would've come to this site (which I've only just discovered!) and given her a completely different first name BUT I didn't, so now here we are.

    So the challenge (if you're up for it?!) is to help me find a way to change her name around with something that doesn't begin with an "E" and do it in a way that she doesn't have an identity crisis and is easy to explain to people!

    I'm happy for her to have two middle names as our eldest son does but at the time I thought Josephine was long enough but I'm prepared to do it now if it can put a stop to potential teasing and ease my anxiety!

    Thank you for listening x

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    I think Emma Josephine is a beautiful name. Maybe I'm missing the point, but I don't see why she would be teased about her initials at all. I really don't think it's something you should worry about. Most of the people you encounter in your life never know what your middle name is, anyway, and even if they do it's just a random piece of trivia that goes in one ear and out the other.

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    Thanks sorry I should have put in the thread that our surname is two words beginning with V and then L so initials without the middle name are EVL and recently when signing her up to something it was pointed out by two different people and it made me feel terrible and got me thinking is this the start of years of teasing or can I stop it now somehow.......? it has been suggested that we drop the L but in my husbands family and there are lots of them! they all sign their name using the L and when I looked at their family history of names not one person has a name that starts with E!
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    Josephine is a beautiful name. I would simply start calling her Josephine or Josie or Jo and drop Emma or switch it to the middle place. You can see how calling her Josephine feels for a few weeks before doing this legally. Or, if you don't want to use Josephine, perhaps Amelia or Amalia? Mia or Mila? Amelie?

    I hesitate to give more suggestions, though, as I think simply using Josephine (a wonderful name and one that is more distinctive than Emma) would be best. Would your husband not agree?

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    own it

    I think its sad you want to change her name. Its beautiful. I say just own it and be proud of it. There is no reason why she has to be cslled ej. I think Em is a cute nn.

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