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Thread: Belle?

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    I'm starting to really like Belle as a full first name. I think it's really sweet and wearable on all ages. I don't mind that its only one syllable, I like several other 1 syllable names (Rose and Grace included.) My hesitations for adding it to my favorites list:

    -It sounds slightly nickname-y
    - A Belle could get lost in the sea of Bella's, Isabelle's, Ella's and Elle's around here
    -Some could immediately associate with the Disney Princess. I LOVE Beauty and the Beast, it's my favorite Disney movie, but would it seem as though a girl named Belle was named specifically FOR the Disney princess? I love the character, but it's a perk of the name for me, not the reason I like it.

    Thoughts? Possible nickname opinions? Thanks!


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    Its lovely, but...... I do think it currently gets lost in he sea of Isabelles, Bellas and Ellas x

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    I would agree the name would be lost in the sea of other similar sounding names.
    I wouldn't assume you named her after the Disney princess, but I would make the connection that she shares her name with one (if that makes sense).

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    Belle is underrated. It's sweet and simple, and WAY less used than Bella (Thanks, Twilight.) And hey, I'm an avid Disney movie viewer too, but I don't think anyone will be throwing insults at your little girl just because she shares her name with a princess; just think, there are plenty of Ariel's, Jasmine's, Aurora's, in the world. Maybe less Cinderella's, but you catch my drift. Belle has a whole lot of promise, I think!

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    I do love Belle. It seems so simple and sweet and I don't think it comes across as nicknamey (though the slightly longer Bella does).
    I love the idea of Bluebell as a family nickname for Belle. And don't worry about the Disney Princess connection, people may think of the character (and she is a cool character) but I doubt anyone would think you named her for the Princess, it's not like Cinderella or anything.
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