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    I really like Samara with Juliet and it fits my style for baby naming
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    Noah William
    Eliana Beatrice
    Joseph Arthur
    Ethan James
    Abigail Marie
    Leora Ariella

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    Ella - Too common right now for my taste
    Eliana- I really like it, BUT the nn Ella is not my fav, as stated above.
    Elysia - Pronounces Alicia? Or Ali-see-a? It's okay.
    Leilah - Not sure how to pronounce it so I don't really like it. Simplify the spelling if you want to use it.
    Reina - LOVE, prefer Raina.
    Wren - Cute, more like a nn though
    Juliet - I agree, good mn option
    Samara - Very lovely, unique, not overused but not strange.
    Bella- Nope, never been a fan
    Kalani- Meh, it's okay but not making a big impact
    Elise/Elyse - great mn, Elise spelling.
    Talia - Nope
    Keturah-nn Kate - Sounds Japanese, which is lovely, but not like the other names listed so it stands out in a strange way. Not a fan.
    Annelise - Well, I have a bad association with this name but even without that I'm not a big fan. I have a friend names Kaelise (Kay-elise) and I think that sounds much lovelier, though it IS made up.
    Hannah - Nope, too boring for my taste
    Aria- LOVE, but yes, too trendy at the moment which is a shame.
    Faye - Cute mn or nn
    Leah - Not a fan, too common
    Leia - Cute, met a little girl named this the other day and the Star Wars reference didn't even phase me. She was so sweet and adorable and totally fit her name.
    Lily - Cute as a mn, but too popular right now
    Zahara - too trendy. Z names always make me cringe because they feel like they are trying too hard to be unique...if that makes sense. :P

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    My faves: Annelise and Faye and, well, Juliette of course because it's in my #2 spot currently
    Leo Konstantyn 9-10-14

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