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    Names I've Run Into Recently...

    Jelissa (f)
    Mersadees (f)
    Hinckley (f)
    McCord (m) (goes by Cord)
    Trishtin (f)
    Shitara (f)
    Kayaunna (f)
    Shiney (f)
    Chesley (m)
    Anissa (f)


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    Jelissa (f) -- Trying to stuff as many trendy 80s names as possible into one?
    Mersadees (f) -- Hybrid of Mercedes and MRSA?
    Hinckley (f) -- Makes me think of hickey
    McCord (m) (goes by Cord) -- Cord is okay.. maybe his dad's name is Cord, hence McCord?
    Trishtin (f) -- I can't even..
    Shitara (f) -- Reminds me of the Chitauri. As in Loki's evil army in The Avengers
    Kayaunna (f) -- I can't tell if this is a made up name or an unrecognizably horrible spelling of a legitimate name
    Shiney (f) -- Maybe the next daughter can be named Glitterey?
    Chesley (m) -- Chelsea/Chesney mashup?
    Anissa (f) -- Anise/Alyssa hybrid? Maybe a nickname could be Licorissa

    In conclusion, I don't like any of these.

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    Chesley is an English surname, and I know a guy with the name. It's quite handsome on him.
    Shitara is Japanese I believe.
    Anissa has a pretty sound.

    The rest I'm not a big fan of.

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    I actually know a Kayanna. Kay-Ahn-Ah.
    I like Anissa. I know a little Anise. (I have no idea how to spell it, but it sounds like "Ah-Niece")

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