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    Names for the Supposedly Insane

    Just as the title says, I need good names to fit teenagers that are sent to an institutional school because their parents think that they're mentally unstable.

    Main character: Original name was Amelia (but then I watched Doctor Who...), and then Clara (and Moffat stole that name, too) so now nothing I come up with really fits her. I would like her name to remain classy like Amelia and Clara, though.
    Light brown hair, dark eyes, pale, little, fifteen years old, a tad shy and naive (though grows less so throughout the duration of the story)
    (I've always imagined her as a slightly more grown-up version of Bailee Madison, if that helps at all)

    Character: Original name was Elodie, changed to Eloise, but now I'm not sure I like either of them very much for her character.
    Long red hair, small dark eyes, freckled, tall and gangly, fifteen years old, very talkative and outspoken (her actual name has to be something a little old-sounding, but dull, like Ellen, and she tries to change it because she doesn't like it; hence the "El" beginnings of the other names)

    Character: Original name was Hudson (and I never really liked that name for him, but it was the first thing I came up with) then changed to Noah, and that doesn't suit him either
    Dark hair, light eyes, tall but not awkward and gangly like Elodie/Eloise, seventeen years old, odd (his personality is a little quirky, like just "off" a bit, if that makes sense)

    Any suggestions help, thanks! :]


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    Main character; instantly thought "Allie"
    Character 1; Real name of Linda, she changes it to Lily, Lila, Libby
    Character 2; Toby or Todd

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    Main Character: Camille/Camilla, Kate, Margaret, Meredith
    Character 1: Kathleen changed to Lena or Dorothea changed to Thea or Gertrude changed to Trudy
    Character 2: I am going to suggest Braxton, only because I know a boy named Braxton who fits this description perfectly. Maybe Heath, Elliott, or Simon?

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    Main Character: Leonora / Leonor / Eleanor / Eleonora

    Character 1: Roberta -> Ruby

    Character 2: August, River, Archer (somehow I think a nature name would fit)

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    Hm. So far I really like Roberta to Ruby, and I keep going between August, Archer, and Simon. I would so go with River, but I've already had Doctor Who wreck two favorite names for me... Also, that name is officially female in my mind now (BBC ruins so many things...)


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