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    Family #1

    Kayla Elizabeth Stewart & Jordan Paul Stewart are expecting their second baby, another girl. Jordan wants her first name to start with a vowel, just like Amelia's does. Kayla wants her middle name to be one syllable.

    DD: Amelia Kaye [niiskuneiti]
    DD: Everla Faith

    Family #2

    Sarah Charlotte King and Logan Matthew King are expecting their second baby, a little girl. They love how Ash's name reminds them of their love for the outdoors, so they want their daughter's name to be a "water" name to remind them of their love for being at the beach. She should have two middle names, one that starts with a B (after Sarah's mom Birdie) and one that starts with a S (after Logan's mom Shirley).

    DS: Ash Randolph [oboeplayer1]
    DD: Ondine Bianca Sage (ondline = "little wave"

    Family #3

    Camille Rose Carter and Joseph Evan Carter are expecting their second baby, another boy. Joseph again wants their sons name to be uncommon with a nickname and Camille wants it to be 2 syllables. His middle name should start with the letter W.

    DS: Houston William "Hugh" [emilydanielle]
    DS: Greyson "Grey" Wyatt

    Family #4

    Isabella Madison Young and Andrew James Young are expecting a boy. Isabella wants his first name to be the name of a musician, just like his big sister's is. Andrew wants his middle name to be a classic.

    DD: Etta Louise [shanade213 & bb]
    DS: Elton Alexander

    Family #5

    Kylee Peyton Brown and Jake Miller Brown are expecting another boy. This time, they want his name to be 2 syllables, but still have no nicknames. His middle name should once again be a surname name, like Jake's and Joel's.

    DS: Joel Harrison [mandyjai13]
    DS: Ian Parker

    Family #6

    Natalie Mae Campbell and Quinn Isaiah Campbell are expecting their 2nd & 3rd children. Natalie became pregnant while in the middle of another adoption, this time a girl from France. Natalie is also pregnant with a girl. Both girls first names should be unisex. Their adopted daughters middle name should be French, while the one Natalie is pregnant with should have a feminine, American, classic middle name.

    DAD: Addison Valentina [ariana]
    DAD: Elliott Claire
    DD: Peyton Grace

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