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    Non-English Versions of Classics

    Hello Berries! Having seen several threads asking for help narrowing down long lists, it got me thinking. I only have three names in my signature for each gender, *ahem* signifying my obvious skill at quick decision making, without faffing around. Or this is what it would signify, if I actually had any more girl names on my list that 'fit'. So I've decided to make a thread which does the opposite of narrowing down!

    Here comes the annoying bit. I have unintentionally set myself in a bit of a pattern regarding girls names, so I have some criteria:

    1) It must be a non-English form of a classic name. (Carlotta = Italian Charlotte, Marguerite = French Margaret, Elisabet = Norwegian Elizabeth)
    2) It cannot begin with C, M, E, D, N or K. (which rules out Catalina, which I love!)
    3) I would prefer it not to end in 'a', 'eet' or 'et' sounds, but to be honest, I'm desperate at this point...

    Could anyone help me broaden my girl list? Just first names please - I have a long, long list of middles and honouring people etc., so that's going to be tricksy to narrow down. *sigh* (but I'll love doing it secretly!)

    Thank you so, so much!

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    These are all I can think of presently (and they aren't very 'out there'):

    Hyacinth: Jacinta - Spanish
    Lorraine: Lorena - ?
    Beatrice: Beatrice - w/ Italian pronunciation
    Cecelia: Zelia - Spanish
    Genevieve - Guinevere - Welsh
    Percy Raphael Wallace Mercury Duncan Ignatius Jules Balthasar
    . . . . Pip Wes Danny Jules . . . . . . . . .
    Catherine Olimpia Marguerite Aliénor Elisabet Valentina Guinevere Paloma
    Cato Maru Liesl Gwen . . . . . .
    Hero Artemisia Lola Scheherazade Casimir Estéban Otto Murphy

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    I was going to suggest Carolina but that'd be a bit much with Carlotta.

    Alexandra - Alexandrine, Sandrine
    Louisa - Lilou, Louisette, Marloes
    Josephine - Jozefina, Jozefien, Josette, Josina, Josiane
    Mary - Maiken, Maelys/Mailys, Manon, Mareike, Marijona, Mariona, Mallaidh, Meiriona, Marzena, Mojca
    Susannah - Shoshannah, Zuzana, Shoshana, Sanna
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    I love Marguerite Susannah Airlie from your signature!

    What about....

    Lèonie (Leona)
    Aurélie (Aurelia)
    Véronique (Veronica)
    Violette (Violet)

    Scottish or Irish Gaelic
    Alesta (Alexandra)
    Roisin (Rosie)
    Siobhan (Jane) Also interesting are Welsh and Swedish versions of Jane: Sioned and Jannike.

    German or Dutch
    Franzi (Frances)
    Gretel (Margaret)
    Liesel (Elizabeth)
    Silke (Cecelia)

    Swedish or Danish
    Synövve (Sunniva)
    Tessan (Teresa)

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