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    Down to Two- would love advice! :)

    Our options:

    Vivian vs. June

    (and no, because of our last name we can't call her Vivian June)

    Vivian is funny and spunky (Viv, Vivi), June is darling and solid (Junie)

    They are so different!

    Our 2 yr. olds name is Delaney, but either seems to go.

    Is Vivian too 'sophisticated' (we are not fancy people haha)- is June too plain?

    I tried to talk my husband into Juniper but he's not having it.

    Sigh. We are never going to figure this out.

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    I really like both. I think Vivian fits slightly better with Delaney.

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    Vivian, hands down. But I think you keep coming back to June for a reason. So if you prefer June just go with that. Vivian is adorable but maybe not the right fit? Maybe June fits her better?

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    Thanks for the advice ladies!

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    I love both and both go great with Delaney. It seems like you keep switching out a name and keeping Vivian but are not able to commit to Vivian? I think you are right that Vivian is sophisticated & more formal. Maybe that keeps it from feeling 100% right? I don't think June is plain. I know a little June and my love for the name has grown with her. It's so beautiful in a simple way and spunky - it is absolutely adorable on her! I think it's a slightly better fit with Delaney than Vivian. Maybe try not to overthink it and see which one feels right.
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