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    I love Maialen which is the Basque form of Madeline/Madgalen, but Marguerite rules that out

    Adelaide: Adelheid, Adelajda
    Agnes: Inez
    Alice: Alicja (Polish prn Alih-tsi-ya)
    Beatrice: Beatrijs (Dutch), Beatrix
    Bridget: Brigitte, Berit, Brigitta, Brigidine, Britta, Bedelia
    Grace: Graziela
    Isabel: Ishbel, Sabela, Isabelle, Isobel
    Laura: Lorenza, Lore, Laurentia
    Louisa: Ludovica
    Julia: Julienne, Giulietta, Giulia
    Sophie: Sofija
    Victoria: Vittoria

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    @chrisco - Thank you so much, I like Beatrice and Guinevere especially! Thank you.

    @casilda - I know, isn't it annoying? Catalina/Carolina would have been perfect, but unfortunately Carlotta snuck in there first... Thank you for the lovely suggestions - if only Mary variations were allowed!

    @rainbow101 - Alastriona and Ekaterina are gorgeous, thank you so much! Do you know where Alastriona originates?

    @peanut - Thank you, that's so lovely to hear - I always feel that my combinations are a bit clunky, since I usually just shove every name I like in together, so that's really made my day! Alesta, Silke, Synövve and Tessan are just exquisite - I feel some serious coming on... Thank you again.

    @niusity - Francine, Agathe and Helene are beautiful options that I hadn't considered. Thank you for the lovely long list!

    @ninanoo - Is Raquel a form of Rachel? See, I call myself a namelover, yet I never knew that - thank goodness for all you clever Berries to help me as I muddle along... Thank you!

    @cassandrah - Isabeau is very pretty, thank you.

    @collmcc523 - Isn't it just? I have been looking forever, and nothing seems to fit! Aine and Hanne are just darling though, thank you so much.

    @sugarplumfairy - Thank you very much for the long list; I so enjoy poring through all the names suggested! There are too many here that I love, and so I won't list them out again, but thank you so much - I'm really starting to feel like I'm getting somewhere, which is good. Thank you!

    @minisia - Oh, Maialen is beautiful! Bother Marguerite and all the rest, they just go out of their way to make things difficult... Bedelia, Laurentia, Giulia and Vittoria are names that stand out to me, but the entire list is lovely! If I thought I could get away with Alicja and Beatrijs, they would be on the list in a jiffy... Unfortunately, I don't think the good English public would quite be up to the pronunciation, silly them....

    How is it that I cannot think of a single name that fits, and as soon as I post the thread, simply hundreds of amazing suggestions come flooding in?! It's a mystery. Thank you so much to everyone who commented.

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    Oooh - there are some gems in this thread!

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    Giuliana which is the Italian spelling of Juliana. Both pronounced the same way, just different spelling.

    Also there's Moira which means Mary. Moira is pronounced MOY RAH
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    I love this thread! I just added Brigitta (German form of Bridget) to my list.
    From other people's lists I really like
    Raquel, (Spanish and Portuguese form of Rachel),
    Jacinta (Spanish for Hyacinth)
    Inez (form of Agnes)
    Zoya (Russian form of zoe).
    I noticed you went with the Norwegian form of Elizabeth. The Swedish/Norwegian form of Rachel is Rakel.
    Olena is a Ukranian form of Helen.

    Henriette is continental form of the English Henrietta. Also the Norwegian form is Henrike.

    Yulia is the Russian/Ukranian form of Julia and like names. I like this name a lot.

    Renate is the German/Norwegian etc. form of Renee.

    Amalia is an more international form of Amelia.

    Felizitas Felicitas and Zita are Germanic and Hungarian forms of Felicity.

    Prudencia is the Spanish form of Prudence.

    I really tried. I used Behindthename as a source when I needed it.
    Good Luck!

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