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  • Sadie

    4 11.11%
  • Nell

    11 30.56%
  • Elsa

    16 44.44%
  • Grace

    5 13.89%
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    If you love Sadie, use it! You've loved the name for a long time, and in the long run, it doesn't matter how well the names flow. Your daughters will always be sisters, but once they stop living in your house, and go to university and people know them not their sisters, it won't matter how well the names go together. Mhairi, Fiona and Sadie work fine if you love Sadie! Fiona and Sadie are great it's just Mhairi and Sadie are not perfectly matched. If you decide matching is super important to you, then Elsa is perfect. Mhairi, Fiona and Elsa. I voted for Elsa, but I think Sadie is the way to go.
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    Thanks for the advice's true, like you say, once they are adults and on their own in the much does it matter! I'm not sure why we love Sadie so mch, we just both do..and we never both like the same names ahha. Finding names we both like has alwyas been a huge challenge.
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    I feel you might regret not using Sadie, go for it. Three individual names for three individual little wonen. Sadie Grace gets my vote x

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    I do love Sadie 3 year old desperately wants to name the baby Grace if it's a girl but maybe if Grace were middle she'd be happy ha.
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    I change my vote to Sadie now! It may not sound ideal but if its what you love, then that's really all that matters. It does stick out like a sore thumb as something like Nevaeh or Riley would. Sadie is a lovely name with such a playful spirit and would mak a fine choice

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