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    Abbie Rose - Abigail Rose is the way to go. Let her nn be Abbie, but don't name her Abbie! Give her the full name. I love Abbie/Abigail. Rose is a classic middle, why don't you try something more interesting? Abbie almost feels too normal next to big brothers Kiernan and Jaxon though.
    Chrystin Grace - Reminds me of Chrysler, the car company. Spell it Kristen, or don't use the name. Grace is boring.
    Morgan Isobelle - Morgan is nice, but since you already have 2 boys, you want a distinctly girls name. Use morgan as the middle, keeping in trend with giving all your children unisex middles. Spell Isobelle either Isabelle or Isobel.
    Farryn Rose - Farryn is NMS, but Rose goes nicely with it.
    Hadley Grace - Hadley reminds me of the motorcycles Harleys or something. See above about my comment on unisex names, middle only!
    Harlow Shannah - Harlow is NMS. Is shannah a real name? How about Shauna?
    Macie Rose - Macie is cute, how about Maisie which is way nicer! Maisie Rose is a bit too cutesy. How about Maisie Kristen, or Maisie Isobel?
    Acelynn Monica - Acelynn is a name? How about Ashlyn? Monica is nice!
    Kelby Isobelle - Kelby is NMS. How about Kelly? see above about Isobelle - spell it right, but it's nice.
    Jorja Rose - Jorja is spelt Georgia. Stick with Georgia. Georgia Maisie is really cute!
    Sarina Megan - Serena is nice. NMS, but nice anyways. Megan is a good name.
    Briar Rose - No. Just no. Sounds too disney princess. Briar is NMS and no. no. no.
    Briana Sherri (Sherri is my momma's name and I don't really like it, but she really wants me to use it!) - How about the name Sher? It's a bit nicer, but still honours your mother. Sharron, Shannon, or maybe her middle name instead? Briana is really pretty!
    Ambrose Isobelle - Ambrose is NMS. See above for Isobelle. Ambrose Isabelle has nice flow.
    Gracie Kate - Cute! But maybe name her Grace and use Gracie as the nickname. Grace Katherine is really nice!
    Brynn Paisley - LOVE! But I prefer Brynn spelt like Bryn. Paisley is adorable. This is my favourite name yet!

    Top 3 of your names:
    Brynn Paisley
    Briana Sherri
    Abbie Rose

    Top 5 of my suggestions (not in order of preference):
    Bryn Paisley (how about Brynna Paisley?)
    Maisie Isabelle
    Grace Katherine
    Brianna Grace (this is so cute!)
    Georgia Rose
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    Quote Originally Posted by verminator View Post
    I didn't call anyone specific a dingle berry, but you get sarcastic with me personally? I don't think your idea of maturity is one I'm too concerned about.
    It doesn't matter. Your remark was completely unnecessary. It definitely doesn't do you any favors to act nice to the OP but throw all the other berries under the bus.

    OP - These are similar to Sherri:

    Siobhan (shi-VAWN)
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    Abbie Rose - I like this but think Abbie would work better as a nickname for Abigail or I like the suggestion of Abrielle!
    Chrystin Grace - I think Kristen Grace is a nicer spelling just because Chrystin reminds me too much of Chrysler for some reason!
    Morgan Isobelle - very pretty! Morgana Isobelle would be beautiful too.
    Farryn Rose - Not too keen on Farryn - I like Farrah or Taryn though and think Taryn Rose is lovely and would fit well with your sons' names
    Hadley Grace - lovely
    Harlow Shannah - Harlow is beautiful and actually I think Harlow Sherri would work well if you wanted to use your mom's name
    Macie Rose - okay, most of your other names are nicer imo
    Acelynn Monica - not a fan of Acelynn - Avalynn would be nice and Avalynn Monica is nice.
    Kelby Isobelle - I prefer Colbie to Kelby but again Isobelle is pretty
    Jorja Rose - I prefer Georgia as a spelling but Georgia Rose is lovely
    Sarina Megan - like this a lot
    Briar Rose - not keen because of Sleeping Beauty! Separately they are lovely names however
    Briana Sherri - I like Briana a lot and Sherri might work well as a second middle name if you wanted to use your mom's name somewhere
    Ambrose Isobelle - I thought Ambrose was a boy's name and I don't like it as that! Amabel is a lovely girl's name which has a similar name! Amabel Rose would be beautiful for example.
    Gracie Kate - love this!
    Brynn Paisley - I really like Brynn but not keen in Paisley really. Brynn Isobelle is nice or Brynn Harlow is beautiful!

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    I like Abbie Rose, though I'd make it Abigail and spell Abby this way.

    I also like Morgan. I'm not a big fan of Isobelle, but since it's in the middle name spot, I'm fine with it.

    Gracie Kate is nice, but the flow is off. I'd make it Grace Katherine and call her Gracie Kate if you want.

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    Abbie Rose - I really LOVE the name Abbie Rose! I like the spelling Abby Rose a little bit better though.
    Chrystin Grace - Not a fan of this name. Chrystin just looks really made up & trendy.
    Morgan Isobelle - So cute!
    Farryn Rose - I've never heard the name Farryn before but this is actually a really cute combo!
    Hadley Grace - LOVE!
    Harlow Shannah - LOVE!!!
    Macie Rose - Super cute. I am really starting to love the name Maci.
    Acelynn Monica - Acelynn seems really made up but I kind of actually like it.
    Kelby Isobelle - I do not like Kelby at all. Isobelle is cute though.
    Jorja Rose - If you spelled it Georgia Rose it would be PERFECT!
    Sarina Megan - Not a fan of it.
    Briar Rose - SO cute.
    Briana Sherri (Sherri is my momma's name and I don't really like it, but she really wants me to use it!) - Kind of boring.
    Ambrose Isobelle - Cute!
    Gracie Kate - Very cutesie!

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