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    You are obviously new to this website so I want to point out a few things I have learned here. Most of the posters really, really dislike changed spellings of names. There is a widespread theory that people who spell names differently than the classic variations tend to be "down market", "lower income", kreeative", "yooneek", ghetto, Etc. I hope this doesn't offend you, but it's kind of a bandwagon people jump on that I didn't know about until a few months ago. 'They' also mostly tend to dislike trendy dated names that were big for a decade and are now fading. And, finally, names with are in the top ten will get a lot less attention. You have committed several berry crimes, newberry:-) Don't let the dingle berries scare you off though.

    As for why it's so much harder to name a girl, I am due next week with a daughter and can totally relate. I think it's because females have so many more options in their identity. They can be cute, delicate, bold, strong, soft, tomboyish, whimsical, serious, practical, etc. Boys have to follow a much harder line in our culture and basically their choices are sophisticated or rebellious, but always strong. It makes choosing a girl's name a huge identity crisis for families.

    That all said, welcome to this website (not that I'm anybody special), and please, if you don't mind, allow me to share my favorite versions of my favorites from your list.

    Kristen Grace
    Harlow Siana
    Aislyn Monica
    Serena Meghan
    Briana Sherri (Sherri is my momma's name and I don't really like it, but she really wants me to use it!)
    Ambrose Isobel

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    My faves are

    Briar Rose
    Harlow Shannah
    Ambrose Isobelle

    (I absolutely love the name Paisley btw.. but sadly my mom could be a berry as she tells me all the same things I'd hear on here)

    Congratulations! (and Verminator is absolutely correct)
    The only thing I can add is historical, mythological and/or classic names (the ever present popular ones) are idealized here. And smoosh names (2 names combined to form a new name) are also looked down upon
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    My like these the most:

    Hadley Grace- i really like Hadley but not so keen on Grace i think it goes better with Rose as somebody suggested it above

    Harlow Shannah - love this one
    writing a novel and not having babies anytime soon.

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    Well that's real mature of you, verminator, calling people dingle berries and all.

    With Kiernan and Jaxon, I think these go the best:

    Morgan Isobelle -- but spelled Isobel or Isabelle.
    Gracie -- I think this would be better as Grace "Gracie" and perhaps Grace Isobel or Grace Hadley. Grace is my stepdaughter's middle name (but we tend to call her Gracie) so I love to see it used as a first name.
    Brynn -- Lovely, would you consider Brynn Isobel?
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    Quote Originally Posted by casilda View Post
    Well that's real mature of you, verminator, calling people dingle berries and all.
    I didn't call anyone specific a dingle berry, but you get sarcastic with me personally? I don't think your idea of maturity is one I'm too concerned about.

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