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    Lookin' for the perfect name...

    Hi! I'm a longtime lurker, first time poster. I have two beautiful baby boys and I am pregnant with my third little miracle, a girl (yay!!!). My boys are Kiernan Jace and Jaxon Presley. Finding a name for the girl is alot harder for some reason! If you could help me narrow it down I would appreciate it. Here are my favorites and please be honest! I'm a big girl, I can take it!

    Abbie Rose
    Chrystin Grace
    Morgan Isobelle
    Farryn Rose
    Hadley Grace
    Harlow Shannah
    Macie Rose
    Acelynn Monica
    Kelby Isobelle
    Jorja Rose
    Sarina Megan
    Briar Rose
    Briana Sherri (Sherri is my momma's name and I don't really like it, but she really wants me to use it!)
    Ambrose Isobelle
    Gracie Kate
    Brynn Paisley

    What do you think?

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    My favorites:
    Macie Rose
    Hadley Grace
    Brynn Paisley
    Chrystin Grace

    But I would pair them differently:
    Macie Brynn
    Hadley Rose or Halle Rose or Hailey Rose or Hailey Grace OR Halle Bryn
    Georgia Rose
    Instead of Kelby I would choose either Kelsey or Shelby.
    Kelsey Bryn or Kelsea Faith instead of Farryn.
    Do you like:
    Elizabeth-tons of nn choices

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    Abbie Rose--cute, I'd stretch it to Abigail, Abrielle, or Abilene and nn Abbie
    Chrystin Grace--The spelling is loathsome...Christianne Grace, though it's rather religious-sounding.
    Morgan Isobelle--Like it...Morgana would also be sweet.
    Farryn Rose--Farryn sounds like a husky guy to me.
    Hadley Grace--pretty
    Harlow Shannah--Harlow Shannon would be lovely
    Macie Rose--cute
    Acelynn Monica--ugh, I picture a little tomboy w/a black eye. Acelynn doesn't work. at all.
    Kelby Isobelle--Chelsea, perhaps?
    Jorja Rose--Georgia Rose, no need to complicate things for her.
    Sarina Megan--lovely
    Briar Rose--a bit close to Briar Rabbit
    Briana Sherri --pretty enough
    Ambrose Isobelle--Ambrose is a man
    Gracie Kate--sweet and cute
    Brynn Paisley--Like Brynn...Paisley is cutesy, but acceptable as a mn.

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    Thanks, both of you! I like Joelle and Melanie and Abrielle. Abrielle Rose is probably going on my list!
    I didn't know Ambrose was a guy. I've heard it on only girls.

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    Abbie and Gracie are the two I think go the best with your sons' names. Good Luck!!!

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