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    I love Axel, I think paired with Valentine is nice cause the harshness of Axel is mellowed by the softer feel of Valentine

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    Axel is not my style but it is perfectly fin name.
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    Axel in the U.S. may get some comments, but they all do don't they? I think the name paired with Axel is just as important as the name paired with Valentine and you two may have hit the jackpot. You don't want the guns n roses hair metal association or the, excuse me, but porn association Valentine can tend to bring to mind. I AM NOT a porn person, but I have heard enough to know this. Hope this doesnt sway you because truly if I could ever imagine condoning these names it would be the two together. Also, it is what you and hubby love. Berries just give their best opinions and support. Best Wishes to you!!!
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    I love it. I kinda hate that it has gotten this rough, hard feel to it, because to me it's just so soft and majestic. We had a very popular member of our Royal Family who was named Axel and the founder of our labour party was called Aksel - both great and almost legendary people here in Denmark. Axel Valentine sounds so great!

    As for Axel sounding like asshole, are we pronouncing this name the same way? Because I don't hear that at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    I like Axel. It's very popular in Scandinavia, Axel in Sweden and Aksel in Norway (not sure about Denmark).
    Both forms are immensely popular in Denmark, Aksel in particular
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    I like the name Axel but i think the name Axel Valentine sounds a bit like a mans name in a porno.. just sounds like someones fake name. I think if you go really creative on the first or middle name the other should be a little more common. I also think (this is just my preference) that names that give you visuals like colors, locations, occupations etc go better if they have a just plain ol name with them. For example Axel makes me think of a car axel and valentine makes me think of little red hearts and together that just feels a little strange to get those two visuals. I also wouldn't do something like Violet hazel for a girl name because it gives me to colors in my head.. but one of them alone is good. But if you love it then go for it.. its all about what you think works and what your style is
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