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    So Axel has been on my mind so much lately that I thought that I'd ask everyone what they think of it. What kind of guy do you imagine would have this name? Do you think people may misspell it as Axl because of the Rose guy? Will people think I am naming my kid Axel because Fergie just used the name (as Axl though)?

    Also I was wondering what you guys think of Axel paired with Valentine as a middle name....Axel Valentine? My husband suggested it and I'm really loving it! Only thing is if we did end up using it for a son then we would have to tag on a nature name at the end since we plan to have a little theme going with that (as well as having two middles).

    And this may sound like a weird question but a friend told me that Axel sounds**ho*e. Does it?!? Or is she just crazy? O.o

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    I like Axel. Good Scandinavian (as I don't know which nation in particular!) name.

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    I think Axel Valentine sounds good, it flows nicely too.

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    I like Axel. It's very popular in Scandinavia, Axel in Sweden and Aksel in Norway (not sure about Denmark).
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    Axel is a great name. Your friend is just being weird. Axel Valentine is cool, though it sounds a bit like a video game character (or maybe I'm just combining Kingdom Hearts II and Final Fantasy VII in my head).

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