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    Our styles are kind of similar, don't you think so? So fun!
    Antigone - Such a lovely name, makes me think of British upper class. But her story was so tragic that it scares me off.
    Araminta - Why are you unsure? Araminta is lovely and Minty is cute as button.
    Aurora - Girl would like to have it, for sure. But it's kind of pretensious in my eyes.
    Beatrice - She has all the connections you will like to have with a name - Rosetti, Shekespeare, Dante, royality. I prefer Beata, personally, but it's a nice one.
    Clementine - Arent's tangerines called clementines in Australia? If so, I find it strange.
    Cordelia - Why not Cornelia? OK, it's lovely and musical but the character was pretty silly.
    Drusilla - I like it! Drisilla is orange, red and blue balloons in the sky, laughter, playing hide-and-seek...She is so happy!
    Florence - Another one I love. The city is beautiful and the name too plus Flossie, Flo and Ren are cool.
    Harriet - Yes, please, if you call her Hattie.
    Hermione - What can I say? Absolutely divine with great namesakes, sound and nicknames.
    Isla - I kind of dislike Isla because my boyfriend loves Isla Fisher and yeah, I am jealous! Hehe, the name is pretty itself.
    Matilda - I find it very grumpy but it's a personal association. Mattie is adorable though, do you like Mattea?
    Millicent - Lovely, but Millie's are everywhere nowadays.
    Octavia - Octavia and Ignatius, please? Neat and sweet.
    Olive - Despite the fact I dislike Clementine, Olive is a love of mine. So funky and spunky and cute.
    Ottilie - I have decided I love Ottoline better because she doesn't cause the pronunciation issues.
    Persephone - Quirky but you know, phony.
    Rosalind - Rosalie, sure. Rosalind, well, not so.
    Sibyl - That's a great one. So charming and romantic. Sibyl and Oliver, Sibyl and Florence?
    Violet - I know the most adorable Violet ever but as far as a name go, I prefer Viola. Or Victoria.
    My top 5 for you:

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    My top 5 would be

    Antigone - I just love saying this name, it just rolls of the tongue so well.
    Clementine - smiley and fun without being over the top cutesy
    Harriet - there's something about this I love but I just can't put my finger on it.
    Olive - I think Olive is gorgeous with a vintage charm
    Violet - while it s rather popular, it is definitely still worth using

    Just to note if Aurora had still been an option I would have definitely chosen her

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    My top five:

    Antigone- When I look at this, I have no idea how to pronounce it. I want to say Anti-gone, literately. You would have a lot of people butchering her name, and she would probably get tired of it. I think it looks beautiful on paper, but would people be able to pronounce it? And would she have an smaller easier to pronounce nickname? It would depend for me, but right now I'd say it's okay. You could use it as a middle name?
    Araminta - This also looks gorgeous, but I wouldn't know how to pronounce it either. Maybe.
    Aurora - This isn't my style, but it's very pretty. I think it could ve a very good first name, not just a middle name.
    Beatrice- So ugly. It sounds way to old, and clunky.
    Clementine- This is a huge name to stick on a little girl. Don't name your daughter after a fruit.
    Cordelia- I love this name! It's beautiful.
    Drusilla- Yuck! No. When I look at this I think Drool-Silly-A, even if that's not how it's pronounced.
    Harriet- No, Harriet is such an ugly veration of the already not good name Harry.
    Hermione- It's okay. When I think Hermione, I automatically think of Harry Potter. It's a wonderful name but when she tells people, they'll ask, 'Oh, like Hermione from Harry Potter?'
    Isla - Beautiful! Use as a first name!
    Matilda- Okay, but I think of the movie Matilda. Other than that, kind of pretty.
    Millicent - This is a boys name to me, but if you use it as a middle name it wouldn't be so bad.
    Octavia - No. I think Octopus, Octagon, etc. Don't.
    Olive - Love this! Definitely!
    Ottilie- It's okay. I don't really love it, but I don't hate it. It just looks weird.
    Persephone- This is too big of a name to stick on a little girl, and the greek part of it is way to much to live up to.
    Rosalind - I like it, but it's better as Rosalinde, I think.
    Sibyl - I have no idea how to pronounce this. No.
    Violet- Lovely.
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    Antigone - I like this, but I also know of a little Antigone (as in, I have friends who know this child) and the adults routinely roll their eyes or snark about how pretentious her name is.
    Araminta - I don't dislike it, but don't care for it either.
    Aurora - very pretty but very princessy
    Beatrice - solid name, not my style
    Clementine - Adore
    Cordelia - Solid name, too tied to BtVS for me
    Drusilla - Hate
    Florence - I used to love this and now I'm underwhelmed by it
    Harriet - nms but I do love nn Hattie
    Hermione - Adore
    Isla - Like it
    Matilda - It's okay
    Millicent - This reminds me of the witch from Sleeping Beauty
    Octavia - nms but don't hate it
    Olive - nms, don't see the appeal
    Ottilie - Can never figure out how this is pronounced, but I like it
    Persephone - I have a hard time picturing an actual person called this
    Rosalind - I like the Rose-a-lind pronunciation (which is technically wrong but whatev), hate the Roz-a-lind pronunciation
    Sibyl - I like it
    Violet - love
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

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    Thanks everyone for the replies, they are all really helpful!

    @ottilie: Antigone and Ignatius are gorgeous together! Aurora is lovely, but there's just something about her that always demotes her to middle name status. Rossetti's Beata Beatrice is absolutely lovely, I agree with you there. So excited to see Drusilla getting some love! Rupert and Hermione do sound great together and, who knows, maybe by the time I'm having children, the connection may not be apparent. Roald Dahl's Matilda is a lovely namesake, I'm just worried about the growing popularity. Matilda is currently #16 in Victoria. I'm all over the place with Octavia - she was my favourite name for a while and whilst I still love it, there's days when I'm less in love with her. Olive on Little Miss Sunshine is adorable, one of the reasons why I first started paying attention to Olive. Ignatius and Rosalind...lovely. I never would have thought to put them two together. I am falling out of love with Sibyl and Sybilla and Ottilie are darling together.

    @ashley: That's so exciting! But I agree, Ashley and Sibyl are completely different!

    @hanbow: Ophelia is lovely, and it's a name that has been on my list before. I still love it for a middle name, just not for a first anymore.

    @bellerose: Thank you. Octavia's funny. People either seem to love it or hate it.

    @Victoria: I do agree, however you're a bit braver than me. (Un)fortunately I've gotten past Antigone's story, I just love her so much. Minty is the reason I'm unsure. While I think it's cute for a toddler and a young child, I just can't picture Minty on anyone older than 10. Apparently tangerines are called clementines in Australia. It must just been certain areas however as I've never heard anyone refer to any piece of fruit as a clementine and, to be honest, I was entirely unaware of the fruit connection until I read some comments on nameberry. Cornelia definitely is growing on me, but I do still slightly prefer Cordelia. Her character was silly however, but I think that's something I'm willing to live with. Harriet will most definitely be Hattie. Mattea is lovely, but I can't see myself using it in the first name spot. Octavia and Ignatius - lovely. Ottoline is also growing on me, but I see myself using it in the middle. Sibyl and Oliver, Sibyl and Florence. Both sweet. Viola is a name I just can't get behind for me personally. Victoria is an old favourite of mine and I do still have a sweet spot for her. However, living in Victoria, I just don't see myself using it.

    @neonpink: I love Antigone so much that I'd be willing to correct people a million times if that was the case. It's pronounced an-TIG-ə-nee. Araminta is pronounced exactly as it looks. Drusilla is pronounced as she looks also...droo-sil-uh. Although Hermione does have a strong connection with Harry Potter, I'm sure by the time I have kids, that's not going to be everyone's first thought. There's actually a journalist here in Australia named Hermione and other connections besides Harry Potter. Millicent is definitely feminine, I think it's bizarre you see it as a male name, but each to their own. Rosalinde has an unnecessary e in my opinion. Sibyl is pronounced SIB-əl.

    @amelia: I also prefer the incorrect rose-a-lind pronunciation.
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