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    USA / Hungary
    Mom to:
    Beatrice Rose (Bea)
    Sylvia Alice (Sylvie)

    If we have a third child one day:
    Charlotte (Lottie), Emma, Isadora, Claire, Nora, Clementine, Lucy, Eleanor, Camille, Elodie, Vivian, Briony
    Felix, Bennett, Oliver, James, Leo, Benjamin, Henry, Jack, Vincent, Simon, Alexander

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    Antigone - I know the most lovely little Antigone. It's a beautiful name, and would make a smashing sister for Ignatius.
    Araminta - I can't convince you on this, it's one of those incredibly stuffy upper class old lady in an ancient manor all by herself with a scary pet snake-cat names.
    Aurora - No! Only middle? But it's so pretty! I love Aurora. The northern lights and all.
    Beatrice - Beautiful Beatrice. Beatrice Portinari (Rossetti's Beata Beatrice? Swoon!!!!) and Much Ado are both gorgeous reasons to use this name.
    Clementine - Gorgeous sweet Clementine. One of my friends is a Clementine, so I do love this name very much. So happy!
    Cordelia - I find this uncharming. But it's quite pretty, just so lifeless.
    Drusilla - Swoon alert! Drusilla is fantastical. I adore this, Ignatius and Drusilla!
    Florence - Very pretty, the area I live in is flooded with Florences though, so it's started to seem rather common to me. But it's a lovely name, and all the girls I meet by this name are pretty, clean and polite.
    Harriet - Harriet's very sweet. I like it much more than I should.
    Hermione - Lovely, this is one of my favourites for you. Rupert & Hermione (okay, maybe too Harry Potter-ish, but they sound great together).
    Isla - Good, move this dull name to the middle. I'd take it off entirely, but that's your choice. Isla is so common where I live, and unlike Florence they're not little charmers. They're always the ones screaming with snot under their noses.
    Matilda - Lovely, and who wouldn't want Roald Dahl's Marilda as a namesake?
    Millicent - I never liked this, so I'm glad you moved it to the middle spot.
    Octavia - Oh no. Octavia's so gorgeous! But it does make a fantastic middle as well.
    Olive - I think Olive's charming, maybe because of the little girl in Little Miss Sunshine. I adore that movie, and she's a cutiepie.
    Ottilie - Well, what can I say. I think it's beautiful and elegant.
    Persephone - Beautiful and quirky classy. I like this name very much.
    Rosalind - Oh, Rosalind. I think it's stunning, nothing to be unsure about. Ignatius and Rosalind. Wow, I really like Ignatius for you. Might have to pop over to the boy thread and rearrange my top five.
    Sibyl - I don't like Sibyl, but I adore Sybilla. I think Sybilla and Ottilie would be amazing sisters.
    Violet - Very very pretty, but that's as far as it goes.

    Top five:
    Florence or Clementine
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Australia/ UK
    top 5 for me:

    Cordelia - im in love with this name and using it for my future daughter for sure
    Hermione - don't like the english pronunciation that much thou ( i know its originally english and blabla but it sounds better in hungarian to me) still think its a lovely name
    Florence - its sweet
    Matilda- nice
    Drusilla - sounds really fresh
    writing a novel and not having babies anytime soon.

    girls: Nina, Sage, Blair, Penelope nn: Poppy/Posey/Lola, Cordelia, Cecily/Cecelia/Celia, Amelia, Hazel, Willow
    boys: Damian, Emmett, Nathan, Chase, Nathaniel, Jesse, Blaise, Dash

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    My Favorites:
    a) Florence
    b) Ottilie
    c) Olive
    d) Sibyl
    The others were either not my style, or I couldn't picture a little baby girl having a name like those. Ollie is a great nn for Olive, which I like b/c Olivia is dried up from overuse and the major spike in popularity. I used to love the name Olivia with Livvie for a nn.
    Wren is a cute nn for Florence, or maybe Lorie(lorikeet is a type of parrot and Lori for short)
    Ottilie is pretty, cute, and I just love it the way it is.
    Sibyl seems underused, possibly under-appreciated and misunderstood. My mom wanted to name me this, but, she went with Ashley instead. A tad different than Sibyl!

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    Here my top 5 in the order they appear on the list. You have some lovely names on here:

    Octavia (even though you said only as a middle)

    The honorable mentions:

    Ottilie -- My Amazon Author Page

    Represented by:

    Proud Mama to:
    Persephone Elysia Willow -- June 5th, 2013
    Amelia Lorien Sophia -- December 2015.

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