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    Dressing Mary up..

    So I was having last minute thoughts about Mary, & I was looking for suggestions that would still honor it but maybe a similar name (I believe I seen most variants) or making it into some form of compound?

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    My favorites are Marina, Marianne, Maiwenn, Marin, and Maren. I also like Mirren.
    Personal Favorites: Mira Cairdeas and Darrow Paine

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    Marian, Moira, Maudlin

    Maudlin is technically from Matilda but Maud & Mary have a similar feel to me, plus i think Maudlin is too lovely not to consider

    also like Rosemarie to spice up the well known Rosemary
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    Rosemary and Marygold are beautiful. So you will have a Mary honoring thing and an individual name - Rose/Rosie or Goldie.

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    I think Mary is lovely. For variations, I like Marion, Marian, Mara and Maura.

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