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  • Sadie

    4 11.11%
  • Nell

    11 30.56%
  • Elsa

    16 44.44%
  • Grace

    5 13.89%
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    What name goes best w/ 2 sisters...?

    Middle names are not decided yet but have somewhat narrowed down our girl choices. I know none of them really perfectly match w/ Mhairi and Fiona but out of these choices, does one stand out to sound the best ? I realize names don't have to match perfectly but I don't want one name to stand out too badly.

    Mhairi, Fiona and Sadie
    Mhairi, Fiona and Grace/Gracie
    Mhairi, Fiona and Nell/Nellie
    Mhairi, Fiona and Elsa/Elsie
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    Aside from Sadie, which I feel is too nicknamey to go with the elegant Mhairi and Fiona. I love Nell personally, but I feel Grace (classic, beautiful) or Elsa (sweet, gentle) would fit the best with your daughters names since they have similar feels.

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    I was torn between Grace and Elsa but I voted for Elsa. She really does seem to fit well. Sadie and Nell feel more like NNs to me so the just don't seem to fit well.

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    This is my problem, my husband and I both love Sadie and have from the start..almost naming both older daughters now we are afraid if we don't use Sadie, we may regret. But I agree, it just doesn't seem to flow great w/ Mhairi and Fiona. Dilemma! Thanks for the input..I adore Grace and Elsa too.
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