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    Need Help Narrowing Down

    Hi Berries,

    My husband and I have a few top contenders for names for our future son/daughter who is due in January. We are not finding out the sex, so want to have a boy and girl name at the ready. We are not sharing our potential names with friends and family, so really need you input in helping us!

    Boy names (middle name will be Hawthorne, a family surname):


    Side note: Joel would be to honor a French family member who passed away, who pronounced his name Jo-EL. I prefer this pronunciation but imagine that it could cause teasing.

    Girl names (middle name will be DeBaisieux, a family surname):

    Eleanor (nn Nellie)

    If it helps, our last name is 2 syllables and starts with N.

    Thank you in advance - we are really looking forward to your feedback!
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    I love your mn choices being family surnames. Stunning.
    Personally I have always adored Joel, but with the standard pronunciation. I think it would still do the job of honouring.
    I really like all three of your girls choices, Penelope being my favourite.
    Good luck!

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    I also love your mn choices. they are fab and are so different.
    I really like Joel and Rory too. I think Rory may be my fave

    I love Penelope and Eleanor from your girls list.
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    I like Rory and Rosanna best, but all of your choices have a nice sound to them. Best of luck with the new baby!

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    I think Joel Hawthorne sounds the best from your boys' names. Calvin is nice too but I think the sounds in Rory and Hawthorne are too similar.

    I like Penelope and Rosanna from your girls' names. Eleanor is lovely but not sure on Nellie as a nickname if your surname begins with an N. All 3 go really well with the chosen middle name.

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