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    Yes i love Rowan... Maybe Harper or Micah...

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    I love Sawyer for a girl! I agree that if you go with a unisex name for her sib to please spell it correctly i.e. Landry vs. Landri. She will have troubles all of her life otherwise. Some of my suggestions would be: Delaney, Emmerson, Miller, Walker, Madison, Bailey, Riley, Starling, Rowan and Quinn. I love them all!

    If you want a more feminine name that has the masculine or unisex feel here are a few

    Maxine - Maxie - Max
    Aiden - Addie - Ada
    Cecily - Cy - Cece
    Danielle - Dani - Dana
    Francine - Frankie - French
    Hadley - Haden - Hattie
    Everly - Eve - Ever
    Avery - Ava - Avie
    Jameson - Jamie - Jem
    Mikayla - Micah - Mickie
    Paula - Paulie - Polly
    Nicola -Nicole - Nikki - Nica
    Stefania - Stevie - Stef
    Tamsin - Tommie - Toma
    Wilhelmina - Willie - Billy

    Love your style! Good Luck!!!

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    Love Sawyer ... What about Hayden? (like Panettiere?)

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    I don't have many suggestions but the first name that popped into my head was Blakely.
    - Favorites -
    Briar . Ginevra . Hallie . Hazel . Lilia . Lilith . Lorelei . Noelle . Willow . Winter
    Cian . Ciaran . Elias . Evren . Ezra . Foster . Grey . Rowan . Torin

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    With Sawyer (which I really like on a girl!), I might suggest one of the few unisex names I like --

    Sawyer and Arden
    Sawyer and Darcy
    Sawyer and Blake
    Sawyer and Emerson
    Sawyer and Harlow
    Sawyer and Elliot (although Elliot seems the most boyish of the lot to me).

    I like Avery and Addison, but they depend on how you feel about wildly popular names. I would not pick another two syllable, last-name-first that ends in 'er' -- I would not go with Sawyer and Ryder or Sawyer and Parker. It seems to me you have too much of a theme going.

    But my new favorite in this category is Mirryn!

    Sawyer and Mirryn

    This is from the nameberry file:

    Mirren is one modern spelling of a mysterious group of names that all seem to derive from the sixth century Irish saint Mirin who emigrated to Scotland and now is the patron saint of both the Glasgow suburb of Paisley and the game of football. The Cornish Merryn, best known as the name of the seacoast town St. Merryn, is also related. The name is usually used for girls.

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