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  • I love Silver and would use it

    5 7.46%
  • I like Silver and may put it on my list

    13 19.40%
  • I do not like Silver and would not use it

    40 59.70%
  • I can't decide

    9 13.43%
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    This is a first! A girl named Silver!

    Yes, I just met a lady named Silver. Do you think it is wearable? Would you use it?

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    I'm not a fan I'm afraid. I think she would be called 'Sylvia' a LOT, which would get old. I like other colour names; e.g. Violet, Ruby, even Blue (but more as a middle name).. but to me Silver is not really workable.
    I met a middle-aged Cinnamon the other day. Any thoughts?

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    I think there's a girl named Silver in one of Jeanette Winterson's books, prob'ly why I find it quaint.

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    I know a man named Silver. I don't like it on a girl because he's such a strong personality that I can't separate the name from him >.< -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I don't really like it too much, personally.
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