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Thread: Wdyt?

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    I have my boys list mostly figured out. I like biblical and classic names. Its just that some of the names don't go as well together as some of the others. But I love all the names on my list.

    My boys list is:

    Josiah Caleb
    James Andrew
    Robert Kenneth
    Peter Arthur
    Franklin Adam
    Oliver Noah
    Solomon Rhodes
    Micah Zephyr
    Jasper Bazel
    Dominic Casimir

    Its like Dom doesn't have the same class as Sol, or Franklin lacks something compared to Josiah.

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    My favorite is Peter but I think it would sound better with a mn that doesn't end with the r sound. I like Peter Andrew or Peter James.
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    Josiah Caleb--nice, Are the JC (Jesus Christ) initials on purpose? Just judgement either way.
    James Andrew--classic
    Robert Kenneth--respectable
    Peter Arthur--eh
    Franklin Adam--I don't like the assonance ('a' sound in both names together). Franklin Thomas or Franklin Joseph would be preferable.
    Oliver Noah--prefer Noah Oliver or Oliver Gordon
    Solomon Rhodes--wise
    Micah Zephyr--I don't like the sound of Zephyr, though I like most 'z' names. Micah Zane?
    Jasper Bazel--Dislike Jasper intensely. Bazil/Basil/Basile is great, but w/an 'i'
    Dominic Casimir--International intrigue...I like it.

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    Josiah Caleb-very awesome combo
    James Andrew- good combo, but a little plain compared to your other choices
    Robert Kenneth - Robert is fine, and I really like Kenneth
    Peter Arthur -I love both these names so much, but together the UR ending of both is just a bit to much
    Franklin Adam- I'm not sure what I think of Franklin. I want to like it, but it's so hard to picture a grown man with this name.
    Oliver Noah - so handsome
    Solomon Rhodes - this is such a kiss-@$$ name.
    Micah Zephyr- I really like Micah. not a fan of zephyr
    Jasper Bazel - I like Both names. but not together because they are both natureish/word names
    Dominic Casimir - not bad. I understand what you mean by Dominic being in a different class. it just seems different than the other names. Not in a bad way though.

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    @rkrd no I wasn't going for any connection to jesus with the JC initials. I had Caleb Josiah on my list, then switched the names around. I don't like initials as nn and I didn't want any chance of CJ becoming a nn.

    @girlymegz Franklin was to honor my grandfather Francis nn Frank. Franklin was the only name I really liked with the nn Frank. Every time I mention it to someone they usual say "Like the turtle?".

    H.L. '13
    D.V. '16

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