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    Nickname to get Noa?

    I've been hesitating a lot about our first name pick, Eloise, I'm just sick of E names already. While I was looking (and looking and looking) for one, just ONE, other name my husband and I could even remotely agree on, I found Noa. I think it's adorable. Lo and behold, my husband loves it.

    Finally - something we agree on! WOOHOO!

    Now I'm just afraid of the obvious confusion between Noa and the popular Noah for boys. I offered the alternatives Nora or Nola or Nova, and he hates them. How is it even possible to love Noa and hate Nora, I don't know!!!

    I'm wondering if there's other longer less confusing names that would have the nn Noa? I've heard of Magnolia being nicknamed to Noa, anything else?


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    Doh, I meant "Name to get nickname Noa"

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    I'm trying to get away from E names, actually!

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    I always loved it for Noelle

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