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Thread: Phoebe Selene?

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    Phoebe Selene?

    I love this name, and how it just rolls off the tongue. I also love that Phoebe goes well with the other names on my list.
    My main concern is that both names relate to the moon. Is the name too moony?
    Phoebe was a titan of the moon and Selene was a goddess of the moon.
    What are your thoughts on the name?

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    Oh, I think it's absolutely beautiful. I've loved Phoebe for a while now! Phoebe Selene is gorgeous. Phoebe Selena would also roll off the tongue nicely. GL!

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    It's a great name! I wouldn't worry about the meanings...most people don't know or care about meanings, just Berries like us.

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    Phoebe doesnt have a moony feel

    if it was Luna Selene it may be too much
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    Phoebe Selene! You have a great name there!
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