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    Niobe pr . Ny - oh - bee ( althought i pr . different ) pretty
    Briseis pr . bri-say-is ( see above ) pretty

    Persephone nice but will be difficult
    Juliet nice

    Nemea ( someone amazing suggest this to me with the nn Lion ) awful
    Lyonesse- horrid

    I know that a lot might seem strange to you but iam okay with them .

    Like the other list , you can be as brutal as you want

    Hopefully after that i can make my top 10 .

    combos or suggestions are always welcome .

    Thanks in advance .[/QUOTE]

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    Your style is very different from mine so I don't really like any of them. Isabella and Juliet are the only ones I am neutral about.
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    I like Juliet and Isolde best. These are unusual without being too off the wall, in my opinion.

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    Aphrodite - love: different, pretty, but recognisable and pronounceable.
    Anastasia - I adore this name; but worry that I am too un-European (lol) to use it
    Artemis - this is brilliant! (For a boy I presume)
    Isabella - this is pretty for a middle name - I think it's too common for a first name for you. Isabel might work better as a middle, as most of these names are quite long, and Isabella might make the name look too 'heavy'.
    Dysis - not sure about this - the word 'dy' (die) is a bit off-putting to me.
    Eleusis - how would you go about pronouncing this?
    Niobe - I would hesitate if you're going to pronounce it differently - it will prove difficult for you and Niobe. I looove this name pronounced the original way though.
    Briseis - I think you'll have a lot of pronunciation difficulties.
    Cassandra - love this name. Sophisticated but still fun.
    Elektra - prefer Electra, but still not a huge fan. Prefer Echo.
    Persephone - I adore this name, but worry that poor little Persephone would be called "purse-phone" because not everyone is very cultured in the myths... still a beautiful name and not quite enough to put me off it
    Pandora - I love this! I worry about "Pandora's box" jokes, but it's so beautiful. I think the jewellery line Pandora will help 'normalise' the name. I like the nn Pan.
    Juliet - beautiful, but unfortunately becoming more popular
    Nemea - not a huge fan I'm afraid.
    Lyonesse - not a huge fan again, sorry. I LOVE Lysander for a boy, however. WDYT?
    Lupin - VERY Harry Potter; I love!
    Iole vs Isolde - definitely prefer Isolde - absolutely stunning.
    Hekate - can't get over the 'Heck' sound; and it also looks a bit like 'hate' to me.
    Orseis - this would get pronounced 'orses' (like horses without the 'h') a LOT.

    My favourites:
    Lysander (suggestion)
    Best of luck!

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    Favorites: Anastasia, Artemis, Elektra, Pandora and Nemea

    Aphrodite - This name is a bit too much in my opinion
    Anastasia - Love this one. Its an old favorite
    Artemis - Again, old favorite
    Isabella - Meh, its okay
    Dysis - Interesting. I think its kind of pretty
    Eleusis - Same as above
    Niobe - Not a fan
    Briseis - Ick. I think you'll have lots of pronouncing issues and I don't like the sound of it
    Cassandra - Pretty. Long and elegant
    Elektra - Very sexy and exotic in my opinion
    Persephone - Same as Aphrodite
    Pandora - LOVE it! And don't worry, I don't like nn Panda and Dor either
    Juliet - Its alright. Pretty
    Nemea - Exotic and beautiful. I think I found a new favorite
    Lyonesse - Not sure how to pronounce it exactly. Not a big fan
    Lupin - On a girl? I'm a big Harry Potter fan, so no.
    Iole vs Isolde - Iole. I hate Isolde, but Iole is kind of pretty
    Hekate - Same as Aphrodite
    Orseis - I'm not sure on it either. I think I'm pronouncing it wrong, but I'm saying it O'ar-sees, Like someone forgot the 'v' in Overseas
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