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    I think on the subject of certain names garnering more attention that others it's not a matter of clique, or fakery, persay. It's more so that most nameberry users aren't just soon-to-be mothers searching for a name for their little Jimmy or Lily, they're mostly people who are in love, or obsessed with names, and therefore have a more imaginative or passionate way of looking at names and putting them together.

    They won't be as interested in the everyday commonplace names that aren't as dynamic as some other names. Also, most people irl aren't as interested in names at all. I mean, I just asked my 19 year old boyfriend what he'd name his son or daughter and he picked Michael and Sarah. Whereas I, a 20 year old obsessed name lover would choose something like Alessandra, and possibly Eden for a boy. He laughed at the name Michaelanglo, whereas I gush over it.
    I wouldn't go to the people I know personally to discuss my love for Eden on a boy, or Caspian, or Kol, or even Alessandra on a daughter, but I'd come here in a heartbeat.

    I think when you look at it in that perspective, certain posts don't seem so fake anymore.
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