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    i've been on this site everyday for as long as im online and have been reading almost every posts but i only reply to one when i can actually say something new about it. or when i really feel like it i usually respond to polls but never comment on my choice. I've had posted 2 questions about my lists so far and i kept changing my mind about posting a question at all because im not pregnant yet but just like you i love talking about baby names and i feel like if ask my boyfriends opinion on another name for our future babies he will start running in the other direction so i would love to discuss it here. I do feel like people would care more if i would be pregnant but i did get a good amount of posts last time and i don t think im gonna be waiting months before i post the next one. Also i did put it into my signiture that im not pregnant so ppl wouldn't think i am.
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    Okay, reading back over my previous comment I realize what I said didn't come across the way I meant it to.

    Yes, there are definitely fakers on Nameberry. Yes, there are definitely users on Nameberry whose threads get more responses because said users have very unusual tastes in names. I don't have a problem with that. As a matter of fact, I love that Nameberry has users with very unusual tastes in names. It keeps things interesting. However, I also agree that it's a bit frustrating when one user whose shortlist includes Aurelius and Peregrine gets 10 pages of replies while another whose shortlist includes Lucas and Brady only gets three or four replies total. I understand that unusual names are more interesting to discuss, but I also understand where the OP is coming from.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uniquenamelover View Post
    Am I the only one who feels that nameberry is just overrun with fakers? I see quite a few very popular members who I strongly suspect (and not without evidence) are fake, but it seems like they get the most posts and adoration.
    At the moment, sarahmezz and I are the troll hunters of these boards with provisional authorisation from the admin. If you have any evidence that someone is a troll please PM us and - if we agree - we can report them to the admins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepysessha View Post
    I've received so many lovely replies to my threads and I've never claimed to be pregnant or even TTC yet. Nameberry is the only forum I've ever actively participated in, and trolls or no trolls, I find this a safe environment to express my opinions, explore my style, interact with awesome like-minded people, discover new and interesting names for my collections, and help others choose the perfect names for their characters or expected babies or future little ones. You can't be too suspicious of people because that will ruin the experience for you, and there's so much fun to be had in this community

    If it helps, I promise that henceforth I will be more active on your threads when I see them, just so you feel encouraged to keep being yourself and continuing your name journey without creating a fake persona to get more attention
    You go Sessha, I agree with all of this! I don't have a knack for knowing when people are lying about anything and have more than once commented on a thread that has later been proven to be a troll attempt, but honestly... Who cares? If someone is faking a pregnancy because that makes them feel more justified to discuss names, then my answer to their question will still be the same. I think often enough it's just newer users to the site who may have been used to hiding their name-obsession for years or don't yet feel accepted enough to be taken seriously without a "child" to consider. But regardless, they did ask for advice for a reason and if I can give it I am more than happy to. I'm here to talk about names and my list isn't long enough to shake a stick at, so I really do enjoy giving my opinions to others on the off chance that it brings attention to something they otherwise would have missed. (That being said, the tragic storyline posts definitely are a problem, but luckily that only happens in a small amount of these fake instances.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by casilda View Post
    I agree, especially about the super unusual names. It seems like threads with more normal names don't get replied to much anymore and everyone has to "one up" each other on finding an obscure name to post about, just so they'll get replies. Personally, I try to make sure that I reply to threads with only a few posts because I know how it feels to not have anyone reply to your threads. It'll be so much easier for me to reply to threads now that the "new posts" button is working again.
    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    I'm not going to call anyone out, but I have noticed that there's a clique of users on Nameberry - all with "out of the box" taste in names - whose threads generally get at least twice as many responses as other users'. I don't necessarily think any of them are fake though. I agree that it can be difficult to get numerous responses when you make it clear that you aren't pregnant or if you don't have a more "creative" taste in names.
    I agree with these two, especially with the clique thing. It is kind of upsetting when you feel your threads aren't garnering attention just because you like 'boring' names. I've actually given up starting threads about my favourite names now because I know I'd only get five or six responses, opposed to the 20 odd pages other people seem to get. But do I think the forums are overrun with fakers? No. I've had some suspicions but those people don't really bother me and some have disappeared, so... meh. But if you have strong evidence, I'd email the admins with it. Do us all a favour

    I do think we have copycats though. It's quite amusing. One user comes up with a very unusual name and suddenly that name appears in half a dozen other threads and in the signatures of several users...

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