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    I love Colin, and I think Philip is woefully underused. They're my top two for you. Both go well with Joseph (and Patrick and Claire), and I don't think matching initials matters.

    William's a classic for good reason, and Pierce I can see the appeal of. (I personally can't get away from the verb.) I think right now, Zachary feels dated and Jacob feels overused, even though I don't know many of either and Jacob especially is a great name.

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    great name choices! Love William and Jacob but so does everyone else so I would have to eliminate those two.

    I think Pierce and Colin are tied for me, both great names, well-known but not popular and I don't think it matters that you have used those letters before. They sound great with your children's names.

    Good luck!

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    Great choices! The French version of Zachary is Zacharie...I prefer it. As to Collin, I much prefer it w/the double 'l' spelling to better distinguish it from colon.

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    Such great choices! I'm going to echo what's been said. I'd drop Zachary and Jacob because they're overused and Zach is kind of dated right now as someone mentioned.

    William is neutral. I do love William, and Patrick, Claire, and William are great together. If you don't want any shared initials, I'd choose this.

    I think Colin and Pierce are the best choices--familiar, not overused, and not trendy. They sound distinct enough from Claire and Patrick that I wouldn't worry about the shared initial. If I had to choose between the two, I'd choose Colin. It's actually Pierce that I think sounds closer to Claire.
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    I love Colin, spelled either way. My favorite from your list for sure. I don't think it sounds too similar to Claire. William is my second favorite, you can't go wrong with such a classic name.

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