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    Not much time left and still no name!!

    Hi Berries,

    You were all fantastic at helping me start a name list for our third child due in October. Thank you! We're not sure if it will be a boy, but are still undecided on a name at this point. A reminder that we have a son named Patrick and a daughter named Claire. We have narrowed our list to a few options and my husband has ultimate naming rights, so I'm trying to nudge him in the right direction. He loves classic names and is hoping to use the name Joseph as a middle to honor a family member. Our last name is 3 syllables and kind of a mouthful. It starts with O and ends in Y. I'm worried about choosing something too popular, but that doesn't bother him too much.
    Please let me know where you'd rank our top contenders.

    William (use the nickname Will)
    Zachary (use the nickname Zach...the Y ending on first and last name kind of bugs me, but I'm not sure)
    Pierce (not a classic, but hubby loves this)
    Jacob (use the nickname Jake...I think this is way too popular though)
    Colin (maybe a bit too matchy with Claire?)

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    Out of all of them, I think William Joseph and Pierce Joseph would go nicely with your other 2 names. I personally prefer Pierce. It's a strong and handsome name with a somewhat classic feel to me.
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    We've liked Pierce since the beginning, but my husband is a bit worried about having two boys' names that start with "P". Any other thoughts?

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    I actually love Pierce... it is far ahead of the others for me

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    William - The ultimate classic. William Joseph is a fine name & of all possible nicknames, Will is the best.
    Zachary - To me, this name is sort of outdated, a la Jeremy. "Zach" just isn't a pleasant sound to me either.
    Pierce - It might not be what you'd call a classic, but I'd say it is "traditional" and thus fits with Patrick & Claire. Pierce Joseph is a great name.
    Philip - I don't care for this name. It just sounds... wimpy, to me. Nicknames of Pip or Flip are cute, but Phil... oh, no.
    Jacob - Yep, it's very, very popular. I'd much rather meet a little William or Pierce than another Jake.
    Colin - I really love this name, it reminds me of the amazing Colin Firth and the children's book The Secret Garden. Colin Joseph works really well.

    I don't think having a Patrick and a Pierce, or a Claire and a Colin, is a problem. They are different enough in their vowels and ending syllables.
    To me, all three of my favorite choices for you make a sibset that sounds very "British classic" or "UK traditional." LOL (A compliment!)

    Top picks:

    #1) Patrick, Claire & Colin
    #2) Patrick, Claire & William
    #3) Patrick, Claire & Pierce

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