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    The Handsome Henry

    For a while now, I've had lots of problems with my favourite combinations. I wasn't really happy with my original ones and decided to scrap them all (except for one, I believe, guilty pleasure combinations included). While I've had (and still has, to a certain extent) trouble with basically all of the combination, I admittedly have had quite the nightmare coming up with a combination for the splendid Henry. Henry is a name that means a lot to me, it was the name of the grandest King of his time and my own personal favourite: le bon roi Henri - King Henry IV of France, and then it just sounds so dapper *swoons* Even though I have tried to un-love the name (because it's been so dreadful making combinations for it), it just doesn't work and here I am, still loving it. So now I'm coming to you, name-genies, please help me come up with some combinations!

    Combinations I have considered and scrapped:
    Henry Antony Edmund/Henry Edmund Antony (which I find too bland compared to my other favourite combinations, see below)
    Henry Antony Hugo
    Henry Antony Illyrio
    Henry Antony Louis (LOO-ee)
    Henry Antony Valerian
    Henry Archibald Inigo (as stunning as I think this one sounds, it hurts a little since Archibald *name* Inigo has been on my list forever)
    Henry Edmund Illyrio
    Henry Edmund Ivik (EE-vik)
    Henry Edmund Louis
    Henry Illyrio Rumle (RUM-luh)
    Henry William Adelin (too regal, even for me)

    Antony and Edmund (personal role model and a historical figure, respectively) are names that I would love in the combination, but they definitely aren't bare necessities. I love namesakes, historical, literate and Scandinavian names as well as some classics, I suppose. Aside from that, I'm also gonna give you my complete list of names (which basically is a major list of names that I've heard/read somewhere, liked and eventually written down) and if you want, you can use names from there to make the combinations but new suggestions are also very welcome.

    The only requirement (sort of) is that I want the combination to be somewhat in style of my other favourite combinations:
    Amaury Charles Theo
    Cosima Ingrid Zenobia
    Matilda Sága Artemisia

    Note: I've used the word 'combination' ten times now, I think it's time to end the post

    Thank you in advance!
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    My darling, I love your names. I swoon!!! Cosima Ingrid Zenobia? Someone's a genius and it's not me. I actually get scared at trying to make a combo for you. I love Henry and Antony together. Antony's pure beauty and regalness. With Henry even more so. I love your Henry Archibald Inigo combo by the way, fabulous.

    Henry Antony Berenger
    Henry Antony Casimir
    Henry Antony Eglamour
    Henry Antony Fredrik
    Henry Antony Heremod
    Henry Antony Marius
    Henry Antony Orlando
    Henry Antony Ravelin
    Henry Antony Vincent

    Henry Edmund Anarion
    Henry Edmund Brage
    Henry Edmund Earendil
    Henry Edmund Horatio
    Henry Edmund Lorien
    Henry Edmund Mercutio
    Henry Edmund Orsino
    Henry Edmund Thor

    I'll be back tomorrow, I'm too tired to think properly .
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Cosima is so pretty! I'd add some ideas and a few ones from your long list, fine?
    Henry Archibald Edmund
    Henry Antony Sebastian
    Henry Edmund Beuaregard (probably too much but fun)
    Henry Illyrio Peregrine
    Henry Antony Frederick
    Henry Theodore Louis

    Henry Antony Sigvard
    Henry Clemens Victarion
    Henry Edmund Isidore (Henry something Isidore is so magical!)
    Henry Emrys Christian

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    The possibility of Henry Edmund Illyrio stood out for me.

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    I love Henry Edmund Isidore and Henry Edmund Lorien from those previously suggested, but ADORE Henry Antony Edmund. It is so regal and polished, I just can't even express how perfect it is. Amaury Charles Theo and Henry Antony Edmund are so amazing!

    Henry Sebastian Antony and Henry Edmund Faramir would be other suggestions, as well as Henry Philip Valemon - your list is incredible! Good luck - you really can't go wrong with these names; the only problem is choosing only three of them...

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