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    What about Maëlys (MIE-uh-liss)? It means 'princess' (I think off the top of my head, but probably am wrong!) and would easily shorten to Miley. Good luck!

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    Maile is not a made up name it is Hawaiian. And as my partner and I lived in Hawaii together for some time a Hawaiian name would be perfect for us. The name was made up for Mylie Cyrus though. I am going to keep it in the mix.

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    I would go with Maile, but to be honest, if it's going to bey pronounced Miley then it's not going to matter. Everyone will automatically think Miley Cyrus

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    Maile has a different association for me (Elvis movie, Blue Hawaii) and I love the look of it. But most people will hear it aloud rather than read it on a they will likely be hearing it as Miley. Honestly, it feels low-brow at the moment, but the association could be quite faded once Maile is in school

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    As far as I know it's her real name in that it's her legal name. She legally changed it. It's not her birth name; there's a difference.
    I know people who like her, but I personally can't stand her. I don't like Maile since I think pronunciation would be difficult. You could spell it Mylie but the associations are still there.
    There are people who name their kids Delilah or Jezibel and they defend it as making a feminist statement. It sets a different set of expectations. Women who have sex and are comfortable with their sexuality are seen sometimes as vilified or seen as bad by others (I'm not explaining this well) but men are often held to different standards. I don't necessarily agree with this, because I wouldn't use these names (although I don't particularly like them either). I understand the reasoning though. To put it another way Elvis and Michael Jackson were both criticized for dance movies that were too sexual and later people decided the dance moves didn't matter. So Miley is like them, even though I don't particularly like her or the recent stuff I get it.

    For me the biggest problem with this name is that it's so trendy sounding (similar to Kylie and Kenzie, etc.) and of-the-moment. Ten years from now I think this will sound really dated. I think there are more names to discover. I also think using a formal name with miley as a nickname is a good idea if you're ok with her someday not wanting to be called Miley.

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