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    Another vote for Camila Daisy! PERFECT with Matteo Jose and on its own :-)

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    I love Camila and Anna from your list - both beautiful names. Josephine would be a wonderful MN for either but to be honest, I have always loved Araceli. It is a family name for me too!

    I'm not so worried about Josephine and Jose since they are middle names. Most of the time, no one sees them.

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    I so hope you use Camila Daisy! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! And so perfect with Matteo Jose!
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    Anna is really lovely in the first place. I also like Amelia and camila. I have a Hispanic friend who just named her baby camila and it's gorgeous with her whole name. But there's something so warm and lovely about both Amelia and Anna that camila doesn't have in my mind, but I can't explain it, so there's probably not much validity to that!!
    If your daughter were to marry would she take on another last name as well/or will she also be using her mother's maiden name? Admittedly I'm not that familiar with naming practices in Hispanic (and other Spanish speaking countries) cultures regarding surnames, but I remember thinking the women's names could easily get fairly long. If I'm not totally off base with that, perhaps Anna would be best, 2 syllables instead of 3.

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    Hispanic countries do not change last names after marrying. There is tendency to keep that tradition in US, but It is hard to predict once the marriage happens in US, specially if the woman was born in US.

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