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    Camila is absolutely perfect with Matteo! So pretty.

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    My vote goes to Anna Daisy, adorable!

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    Keep in mind Amelia and particularly Olivia are very popular in the USA. Not a bad thing; just something to consider. Names that sound good in English/Spanish are popular!
    1. Sophia
    2. Emma
    3. Isabella
    4. Olivia

    I also think Josephine may be too close to Jose. A friend of mine who is I believe Dominican and posted the announcement of her son Aidan Jose. Since the announcement was in Spanish I clicked the translate button, along with the text Facebook cheerfully translated the name to Aidan Joseph.

    Still I think all your choices are great and would be fine for an American girl. The other posters are right: Camila stands the most out. Amelia is also lovely, and Anna is nice too. Emma is too common for my taste. It seems like it's been popular forever, (I know a lot of Emmas my age and I'm 25.) The rest are fine.
    I like Camila Daisy.
    Good Luck!

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    Thanks for replies.

    I think we are down to Camila or Amelia for first name.

    MN is still tough.
    -I did not expect Araceli to have so many compliments, although I worry about the first name ending in 'a' and the MN starting with an 'A'.
    -I like Josephine, but I have the dilemma of my son MN being Jose (male spanish version), what would I do then if I have a third child..
    -And Daisy..
    - Or anything else without meaning... just for pretty..

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    I've always loved the name Daisy, and I think it sounds great with Camila. Camila Daisy Besteiros. Thats a great name. I also love Amelia, so I'm glad you've narrowed it down to those two names! Amelia Daisy is pretty too, but sounds less Spanish. You are right to worry about Amelia Araceli, but I think it works. I don't like Araceli, but if you do, go for it. Stay away from Josephine. Your poor next child would be totally left out. But I guess Josephine, Phine is like Fiona, so that might work. But no, I'd stay away from Josephine. Daisy is gorgeous. I think meaningful middle names are very special. Manuela is nice too.
    My top choice is still Camila Daisy though. The name just sounds perfect.
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