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    Becket or Beckett?

    I have 24 days to go until our little man is due to arrive!! At this point I'm leaning toward the name Beckett with my grandfather's name, Charles as the mn. Just wondering which way we should spell it? Becket Charles or Beckett Charles? The kids are convinced that other kids will call him Bucket but I still like the name! Other choices include Declan and Asher but neither flow as well with our last name. Thank you all for your last minute help!!

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    Beckett Charles is lovely.

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    I prefer Beckett. It's a lovely name, by the way.
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    I love Beckett it's a handsome choice and looks very classic. I prefer the spelling Beckett feels more complete.

    Beckett Charles is a nice combination.

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    I like Beckett Charles!

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