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    You've got a gorgeous list now. Just wanted to pop in and second Balthazar, Theron (although I thought you didn't like this?), Evander and Remiel. Remiel Wolf would be amazing!!! And yes, always the first to comment, what does that tell you ? Either I'm pathetic or it's that twin thing...
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    Funny about the popular suggestion of Dorian Wolf, because Darien Wolf is on my list! I've seen a lot of name-hate towards Darien and love for Dorian, though - so I'm probably missing something. Just popping in to add that useless remark about Darien, as well as say that Balthazar is pretty darn cool (and I like what someone above said about Basil pronounced BAZ-il).

    Ottilie (can't tag from phone, so you might not see this) I'm surprised that you felt that way about Adonis (not naming your child that unless you were sure he was going to look like Brad Pitt) because don't you have a daughter named Aphrodite? I always thought of Adonis to be the male equivalent of Aphrodite, and arguably Aphrodite is even more well-known to be associated with beauty and romance, etc. It is a beautiful name, I was just curious of your viewpoint on that.

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    Oh I'm almost sad, Rollo got to Theodor Wolf (nn Thor) first. It was my first thought. I love the combo.

    I also thought about:
    Gilligan Wolf/Gilead Wolf
    Colin Wolf
    Azriel Wolf
    Elon Wolf
    Obadiah Wolf
    Samson Wolf

    Alright I went on a bit of a biblical name thing there but, you do like those so....
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    I am wondering why wolf? It's a violent connotation with the animal and also the loved and self adopted nickname of Adolf Hitler. It was used by those in close circle with him such as his nephews and his generals. Obviously he loved the violent, scheming connotation. Most Americans probably wouldn't know that but I would wonder if any German relatives you have might be sensitive about it?

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    milo - It was actually Charmed, I haven't seen the Scott Pilgrim movie. Hubs was never keen on the name anyway, so I think it's time to find something we can both love From your list I love Lucian (although it wouldn't work with Lucia), Odin, Solomon (although I think I prefer my Solomon Fable combo), and Ulysses is intriguing. Hubby might find both Odin and Ulysses to be pretentious, but we'll see.

    amy - way to pick out all my favorites! haha. I do love Gabriel, and Gabriel Benjamin used to be on my list a loooong time ago, before I got sick of the popularity factor. Gabriel Wolf might spice things up a bit! Is it too Hispanic, though? I can't remember the last time I met a white Gabriel, and I don't have a drop of Latin that one of those "No India on a white kid" sort of names? I can't decide if I like Cedric or if it's too prissy. Edmund I LOVE, but with Caspian AND Lucia on the list, is that just way too much Narnia? Isaac Wolf is dashing!! I love Hawthorne but I do think it's a bit wordy with Wolf. Patrick Wolf seems so spunky and mischievous and fun! And ohhhh, Remiel! I adore Remiel...I love everything about this name. Do we think Remiel Wolf works or do the L sounds get all tangled up?

    fey - It is a beautiful avatar, I love the mysterious vibe. Balthazar does freaking rock! He's one of my favorites this time around. And as you can see from my siggy, I think NES names are fabulous!

    carla - Nathaniel Wolf is pretty epic, but I don't love it enough to break up my Zion combo. Alexander and Nicholas are lovely, if a bit popular. I'm vacillating on Dominic...I want to say he's dashing, but then I see domination and get uncomfortable. I'm such a silly sometimes!

    judyariel - Ooh, you've got some good ones! Atticus is perfection, literary and dignified, yet so roguish when paired with Wolf. Another vote for the beautiful Remiel. Damon, that is sex on legs! I wonder what Hubs would say about my naming a little boy after the yummy Damon Salvatore, haha. I also like Felix, Stellan, and Mordecai, though I think the latter is a bit too similar to Malachi.

    lala - Bastian is great! Another NES fave.

    vic - Balthazar is so perfect, I hope Husband goes for him! Lorcan, Theron, and Hawthorne are also lovely, though I agree with you about the wordiness of the latter.

    twinling - you are definitely not pathetic! More votes for Balthazar and Remiel, yay! Evander and Theron are awesome too. You're right, we've got a great list going this time!

    talia - wow Baz seems to be the fan favorite too! I think maybe it's because Dorian is well-known from literature, so it has the history going for it, while Darien seems a bit more modern/trendy? But I could be totally wrong.

    lexie - yay more votes for Theodore! I think Thor is genius, I can't wait to pitch that one to Hubby and see his reaction. Thor is his favorite superhero, next to Tony Stark. Azriel is wicked cool, and there's the HDM connection, though he was a rather controversial character. I can't decide if Obadiah has that vintage quirky Biblical charm or if it's just too far-out.

    milo - (two milos! how funny) I don't get the violence connotation from Wolf at. all. To me the association is personal, even spiritual. I have been fascinated with wolves ever since reading Jean Craighead George's novels about Julie and her wolf pack. Their society is so complex and profound, like a reflection of our own social humanity. They are wise and resilient and strong, cooperative and compassionate, fierce and free. Healthy wolves don't kill without provocation, and they're never wasteful. We could learn a lot from them, I think. As for Hitler, he's the furthest thing from my mind, and no, I don't have German relatives. If he chose the wolf for the sake of violence, that just goes to show how little he knew about them.
    I find this a strange question, to be honest. What person who chooses a nature name is doing it for a violent connotation? And yet everything in nature can be seen as violent if you really want to take it that way. Think of the number of Leo's in the world...male lions frequently kill their own cubs, and yet I'm sure the parents of little Leo consider the lion a noble and strong animal, and chose the name for the symbolism and sound, not for any desire to be associated with violence.

    Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! I'll organize them and post the updated list in a bit. <3
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