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    Losing Gideon…new FNs for Wolf?

    Just when I thought my lists were coming together. Oh well! Can't say I'm not excited for some new inspiration

    Gideon has been on thin ice for a while now with Hubby…he's just not as sold on the name. I loved the combo of Gideon Wolf sooo much, more so than I think I loved the individual name Gideon. To me Gideon Wolf sounds dignified, intelligent, and keen, with a bit of a roguish streak. I like the contrast of a scholarly sounding name that's a little rough and rakish around the edges.

    The blessing and the curse of our name selections is that they're usually closely tied with character associations, whether from books, movies, plays, mythology, or Biblical/historical figures. In this case, there was a character named Gideon in one of our favorite shows, who was exactly like I pictured my Gideon. I made the mistake of bringing it to Hubby's attention that here was a good example of the name in action…aaaand then he turned out to be the bad guy!! An AWFUL bad guy at that, devious and manipulative and cruel It really damaged the association for me, and it pushed Hubby over the edge into veto territory. Gideon is now gone.

    I'm not ready to give up on Wolf as a middle! It's such a magical, evocative name to me, rich with symbolism. And what little boy (or even grown man) wouldn't love having such a "cool" middle name? I just need some Berry help to find a first name that not only flows well with Wolf, but also fits with the other names on our lists (see signature). Any and all suggestions are welcome!

    UPDATE: Full list on Page 4!
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    Yay! New Sessha challenge. I'm still on a high from Selene! I'm not going to pretend to mourn Gideon, it was never one of my favourites on your list. There! Revenge from the Natasha bashing .

    Okay... here's my list. I'm trying to bridge the gap between the girls and the boys here.

    Arthur Wolf (well, King Arthur, Mr Weasley and wolves? Could it be better?)
    Dorian Wolf (because how cute would Ophelia Fawn and Dorian Wolf be? And that Picture book's not terrible.)
    Fabian Wolf ((Gideon's bro in Harry Potter. Mrs Weasley's brothers.)
    Gwydion Wolf (the Welsh God rocks, that’s why)
    Jonas Wolf (one o my favourite Bible names (that I know of))
    Laurence Wolf (romantic... Little Women)
    Leander Wolf (teehee, lion wolf? And Hero & Leander)
    Lycaon Wolf (werewolf wolf)
    Lysander Wolf (because I know how much you love AMSND)
    Marius Wolf (would be dashing with sister Ophelia Fawn! And that Miserable thing.)
    Mikkel Wolf (Mikkel's Scandi for Michael. I just had to, there's a Norwegian children's book with a character called Mikkel Rev (Mikkel Fox) so this was too cute)
    Peregrine Wolf (traveller is suitable for you and hubs. And Pippin is cute.)
    Philemon Wolf (kiss wolf. It's Biblical right?)
    Quentin Wolf (teehee! Quentin Blake's an amazing illustrator.)
    Ranulph Wolf (raven wolf? oh my WITCHY goodness!! Ranulph Fiennes is an AMAZING man and explorer.)
    Ravelin Wolf (raven wolf? oh my WITCHLET!!!! Medieval goodness.)
    Remus Wolf (because I love Remus and Wolf and… it’s cheesy. Remus Lupin and Romulus & Remus.)
    Rufus Wolf (I love Rufus, and it’s darn cute with Wolf. And it's historical and maybe Biblical?)
    Rupert Wolf (same as above. Literature's flooded with great Rupert's... at least Jillly Cooper's Riders.)
    Silvan Wolf/Sylvan Wolf/Silvanus Wolf (because... wolf from the forest. Mama wolf and wolf. Because amazing.)
    Victor Wolf (victorious wolf)
    Xavier Wolf (because it's awesome!)
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    Hyperion? Hyperion Wolf? Too wordy maybe but soo interesting and fun.
    Gordon Wolf
    Gryphon (not with Wolf, obviously)
    Algernon Wolf (love!)
    Oberon Wolf
    Samson/Sampson Wolf
    Flavian Wolf
    Florian Wolf
    Casimir Wolf
    Zebulon Wolf (love)
    Decimus Wolf
    Irving Wolf

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    Also, I forgot to add Dorian and now I see Otter has suggested him. Picture book not bad, heh? It's absolutely enchantingly fully amazing!

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    Sorry for any repeats!

    Lucius Wolf (might not work as you have Lucia on your top girls though)
    Jotham Wolf
    Isidore Wolf
    Vincent Wolf
    Adrian Wolf

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