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Thread: Hannah Joan?

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    Question Hannah Joan?

    (Apologies in advance because i am typing from my phone!)

    So I am falling in love with the name Joan for a middle name and Hannah as a first. Does that seem like an odd combo because of the definitions for each to be similar? Im wondering if my future daughter will be irked she is a double-ann. what do you think?

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    I think Hannah Joan sounds nice, I see your concern but I don't think the average person (not a nameberry) would know that they share a meaning or that Joan is a form of Johanna.

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    I knew a Hannah Joan. She was my aunt's dearest friend. I think its a very nice name. Her name, before it was changed when she came to the US was Johanna. Most people don't worry about meanings or a name's history. Just keep her off of Nameberry.

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    Hannah Joan...

    Hannah for me is dated, despite being a religious name and obviously being around for a long time, due to Hannah's spike in popularity in the 90s I feel that this name feels dated. I just dislike it. I do love Anna though, which is similar to Hannah but just fresher. Prettier. I'm actually really like Joan as a middle name choice. She's retro chic, is rich in historical connotations and rare. Hannah Joan does work as a combination, I'm just not keen.

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    Something just looks off about this combination. I really don't care for either name, but can see the appeal of Hannah. Hannah Jane would be much better.

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