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    My Name List 09/06

    Hello, everyone. So, I'm feeling very uninspired when it comes to my girls namelist. And as for my boys namelist, I'm feeling overinspired and I'm having trouble narrowing down.

    I have these complete combos:
    Evangeline Sophia Ruth
    Holland Anna Caroline

    Ezra Nicholas Wade
    Silas Archer Graham
    Asa Benjamin Patrick
    Nehemiah Rory Daniel
    Wade Nathaniel Oliver
    Oliver Kenneth Lyle
    Samuel Zion Gray "Sam"
    Eaden Alistair Gage "Denny"

    Partial Combos / Singles: (I want to have double middle names)

    Juliet Mary (Clementine?)
    Aria (preferably as a middle)
    Liadan (the Lee-uh-dan pronunciation, not the Lee-dan one) (maybe as a middle name, but I like it as a first, too)
    Austen (only as a middle name)
    Leighton Esther (possibly as middle names?)
    Galilee (Jane?) Amelia "Lily"
    Spencer (preferably as a middle name)
    Jensen (don't LOVE it as a first, but I like it. So maybe as a middle?)
    Miriam (preferably as a middle)
    Maeve (maybe as a middle, but I like it as a first, too.)
    Jocelyn (preferably as a middle name)
    Liliana (Evelyn?) [I really like this combo'd with Carys, but now that's going to be my neices middle] "Lila"
    Senna (preferably as a middle name)

    Josiah (Nathaniel?) "Joey"
    Andrew Ashton/Aston
    Thomas Etienne (Jude?)
    Franklin (Carter?)
    Boone (preferably as a middle name)
    Brennan (preferably as a middle name)
    Zedekiah Logan "Zed"
    Peter (preferably as a middle name)
    Tyler Callum
    Leland (preferably as a middle name)
    Griffin Tyler "Finn" or "GT"
    Wren (preferably as a middle name)

    I'd like opinions on my full combos and suggestions & opinions for my singles/doubles. I'm not expecting anyone to make it through my entire list.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who helps!!

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    Okay, here I go! What a long list of names.

    I really like your Evangeline Sophia Ruth combo for the girls and your Silas Archer Graham and Eaden Alistair Gage combos for the boys.

    Here are some ideas

    Nora Austen Maeve
    Elodie Jocelyn Spencer
    Liliana Evelyn Jensen
    Jocelyn Miriam Jensen (I know you would prefer Jocelyn as a middle, but here is something to consider w/ Jocelyn as a fn)

    Josiah Brennan Nathaniel
    Ronan Callum Boone
    Zedekiah Logan Wade
    Fergus Leland Jude

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    Yeah, I know it's SUPER LONG. I pretty much have my short list nailed down (That's my top four combos for each gender) I really appreciate your help!! I like several of those names, particularly Zedekiah Logan Wade and Josiah Brennan Nathaniel.

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