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    Using a famous pair

    Hi all,

    I'm expecting (just!) baby #4 and I'm already going nuts over names

    We had already decided that a girl would be named Mary and called May or Maisie. Our kids all have religious names and a family name and May is in honour of my grandmother who I loved very much.

    Problem is that I realised yesterday that I have a son named Joseph. I hadn't noticed before as we always call him Joe and no-one ever says 'Jesus, Mary and Joe'. LOL.

    Is it crazy/too much to have children named Mary and Joseph?

    We could just call her May but the kids have a biblical and a family name and that would knock out my favourite middle name (Frances - the same grandmothers maiden name) in order to make space for a biblical middle name. (I don't want to break the pattern now!) We hadn't picked another biblical middle to go with May but it would probably be someone like Phoebe or Tabitha....

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    I see no problem with it. Especially since you have other children.
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    I don't think it's a bit issue. If you named your first two Mary and Joseph, I might be a little surprised, but then again in older times, those names were so common that that sibset would have been totally normal. Plus if I met two kids named May and Joe, I'd never even think of the Biblical reference.
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    In would go for it. Especially since they will have NN that you will use more often, and 2 other children.

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    I would use it. If you really like the name and you have other children. I don't think it is a big deal and as you said you call them by nns so it wouldn't cause me to think of the biblical reference.
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