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  • Esmé

    14 23.33%
  • Esmée

    4 6.67%
  • Esme

    38 63.33%
  • Esmee

    1 1.67%
  • Esmae

    0 0%
  • Esmay

    3 5.00%
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Thread: Esme Spelling?

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    Esme Spelling?

    So I like the name Esme and I want to know which spelling to use ie the one that will be most widely accepted.
    Which spelling of Esme do you prefer?

    #1 Esmé is the original French male form of the name that is being used for females in America and is thus now seen as unisex.

    #2 Esmée is the original female form of the name. Still popular in Europe for the females, but the unisex form is typically found in America.

    #3 Esme - without the accent

    #4 Esmee - without the accent

    #5 Esmae - phonetic spelling

    #6 Esmay - phonetic spelling

    I do not live in Europe. (I live in the US)
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    My favourite is #3, then #2 Love this name too!

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    My favorite is Esme and then Esmée .
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    Esme will be the most widely known

    adding extra letters and accents is unnecessary and just adds on more things your child will have to correct people on

    Esmé may be the original French - but you arent in France, your child wont be spelling their name in French, drop the accent
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    orphanhanyou feedback and commentary like that is exactly why I created this thread.
    Ideally I want to be a name purist, but realistically I don't want to create unnecessary problems, so I am asking to see which spelling will be best accepted.

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