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    Sibling for Ezra

    Opinions please!

    I have an Ezra Michael and have been obsessing about finding a name that compliments his but I've been over-thinking it to the point where I have no idea which names go well with his anymore.
    I'm in the UK and Ezra is fairly rare here. People at our church are familiar with it as its biblical but have never heard of anyone named Ezra (some love it, some don't) but most people we come across have never heard of it and don't know where it's from. So that's thrown me a bit.
    Do we chose another bible name to make the theme more obvious? Do we pick a popular name to make the sibset feel more grounded? Do we pick a trendy name to make Ezra feel like a cool choice or a vintage name to bring out the historical aspect of the name?

    My son is tall, slim, with delicate features, striking blue eyes and dark blonde hair to give you an idea of what names might suit a sibling.

    Here's my list of favourites after DH has vetoed 75% of them. I'll list them in order of their popularity where I live:

    Joseph (we don't like Joe though)
    Benjamin (DH's favourite)
    Zachary (bit wobbly on this, only just made the list)
    Reid (newest addition to my list, still undecided on it)

    Amelia (Dh's favourite)
    Abigail (biblical but a bit boring?)
    Clara (would have been Ezra's name if he'd been a girl)
    Tabitha (Tibby)
    Beatrix (LN begins with S so sounds a bit messy)
    Wren (would only use as a MN)

    I'm interested in other suggestions purely to see what names you guys think work well but I honestly think I've thought of every possible name!
    Sorry for the essay, thanks in advance x

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    Ooh, I'd not considered Joachim and hadn't realised it is Hebrew. Tips on pron. please?
    Sebastian and Julian taken by family.
    I love Samuel and Saul but not with our S- last name.
    Most of those girl name suggestions feel a bit dated here.

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    Other biblical names that work well with Ezra: Paul, James, Aaron, Noah, Levi, Elijah. From your list, I really like Jonah, Jacob, and Benjamin. From your girls list, I prefer Clara and Wren. Both fit well with Ezra. Good luck!

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    We are going to be having our fourth son in a couple of days, and his name will be Ezra Matthew. I love it, and am so interested in hearing your experiences with having an Ezra in real life. Our other sons are Joshua, Noah and Levi. I actually chose Ezra partly because of its similarity to Levi. I thought that they sounded like perfect brother names. Other names that I considered for this son are Phineas (Finn) and Jonah/ Jonas. For girls, our daughter is Autumn Grace and if this baby had been a girl instead, we had chosen Ruby Hope. (Which I know is probably very popular where you live.)

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