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    Anastasia- it's pretty but a bit princessy to me. I will always think "Russian Czarina" when I hear it and picture mink coats and icy winters.
    Beatrix- I kind of love it.
    Cordelia- I love the name in theory, but I honestly don't know how wearable it would be in real life. I don't know how it would do in Australia though.
    Felicity- never cared for the TV show and don't care for virtue names, but this is an exception. It's just pretty
    Juliet- so pretty
    Penelope- hate the Kardashian association, but otherwise love the name
    Philippa- love the name (actually, I love the nn). hate that it became popularized because of Kate Middleton's sister. Don't know if it increased popularity where you live.
    Polly- cute but not sure I love it as a full name.

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    Love Coco as a nickname for Cordelia! I actually just met a Coco last week and loved it!
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    Thanks so much everyone! You've given me so much to think about I'm leaning towards Beatrix and thinking of going towards Cornelia instead of Cordelia (I think it feels lighter somehow, with the added bonus of the nn Nellie).
    I hate that the Kardashians used Penelope so sad for me!!

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    Anastasia - It's one of those frilly, feminine names that I actually like.
    Beatrix - I dislike Beatrice but I love Beatrix! I prefer it on the middle spot.
    Cordelia - I don't like it at all. I don't get its appeal - it gives off a rather snobbish vibe.
    Felicity - It's okay. Feels a bit bland.
    Juliet - Beautiful.
    Penelope - I'm beginning to dislike it. Not really because its becoming trendy but because of the unappealing sound.
    Philippa - Philippa is okay but I really dislike the nn Pippa.
    Polly - Quite frumpy.

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    Anastasia - Long, but regal. Can work with the right nickname.
    Beatrix - Offbeat, growing on me. This makes the nickname Trixie work.
    Cordelia - Purely Buffy the Vampire Slayer to me. In response to someone above, this character's nickname was Cordy, though Delia is also a possibility.
    Felicity - One of my favorites on this list. This is my aunt's name, so it does work on an adult.
    Juliet - Pretty, streamlined, and Shakespearean (I prefer the name to the play).
    Penelope - Mythological and beautiful.
    Philippa - A beautiful feminization with a possible boyish nickname (Phil) and a girlish one (Pippa)
    Polly - Too much of a nickname name, compared to the others.

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