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    Red face Honest opinions please. I can take it!

    Thank you! You can be brutal as you like

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    You asked for brutal honesty, so I will be brutal. Just as an advisement.. if I met anyone with any of these names I would tell them how beautiful the names are because they are all stunning! Truly!
    ...And now I shall tear them apart.

    Anastasia- This has always seemed like you are trying to hard IMO
    Beatrix- Beautiful, perfect. I love it.
    Cordelia- Very pretty. Hate Cordy as a nickname, or any of the other obvious ones.
    Felicity- I don't like it. It seems to me as a "weak" name. Not sure if I can explain why. It just seems flighty and a bit prissy.
    Juliet- *yawn* A little overdone for me now.
    Penelope- Never been a favourite. It seems a bit silly to me. I love the nickname Nelly though!
    Philippa- Gorgeous!
    Polly- Don't hear it often.It's not bad but doesn't seem to have enough substance to actually use it. Also reminds me of a parrot.

    I would actually use either Beatrix or Philippa as a fn, and Cordelia or Juliet as a mn! Great list. Sorry if I was brutal
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    My honest opinions :

    Anastasia : Stunning name !! Love it . Easily my favorite name right now .
    Beatrix : I dont like it at all . I coud not see the appeal of that name .
    Cordelia : very pretty . Like the nn .
    Felicity : I like the meaning but not the name at all .
    Juliet : LOVE , LOVE .
    Penelope : Like it .
    Philipa : Easily my least favorite name . Hate the nn Pippa also .
    Polly :As a nn maybe . As a stand alone no way .

    Sorry if i was brutal . You say to be honest

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    Anastasia: I don't really understand the appeal. It's a top three name in my country for 14 years (1999-2013) so I know at least 30 Anastasia, Nastyas, Asyas. The meaning is lovely though and it's a royal name as well so nice but not my favorite.
    Beatrix: It used to be a contender on my list but I prefer Beatrice, Beata or Behati.
    Cordelia: probably my favorite on your list but I would change a letter and get the most perfect name in the world, Cornelia.
    Felicity: I like Felicity and funky nickname Licity or Lica.
    Juliet: Again, what's so nice? She was such a drama queen, stubborn and tragic and the name is full of tears and frills. I prefer Cordelia, if talk about Shakespeare.
    Penelope: I like her myth and prefer Penny to Persephone but it's not my #1 still.
    Philipa: Nice one. Pippa is cute and I rather like the royal family, to say honest, they are so cute and well-dressed. But there will be an issue with the amount of l-s and p-s.
    Polly: My secret love. Although I wouldn't use it as a full name(but maybe would, a la Molly and Minnie), it's a gorgeous nickname for Appoline, Hippolyta and Mary(and maybe Philippa).
    My top 3 for you:
    Philipa nn Polly

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    Anastasia - classic, strong
    Beatrix - Bea names are way too trendy right now
    Cordelia - lovely
    Felicity - classic, needs more use
    Juliet - classic but popular
    Penelope - too trendy
    Philippa - not bad, at least its not uber popular
    Polly - prefer Pollyanna, or Holly - Polly feels dull
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