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    Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your honesty!
    @silverr: WDYT of Coco as a nickname for Cordelia? I've also considered Cordelia Catherine (family name) with the nn CC.
    @mclevine: do you live in Russia? I only know two Anastasias! I'm a little worried about the popularity of Pippa too, but I also love Philly and Pippi as nicknames; so I think I'm covered with Philippa.
    @ophanedhanyou: didn't realise Bea- names and Penelope were 'trendy'! I've loved them for ages
    Thanks for the suggestions of Pollyanna and Holly - Pollyanna is far too tied to the book (and a bit 'smushed') for me; and Holly is too popular. I appreciate it nonetheless!

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    Anastasia - I always liked this name. I think it's elegant and beautiful. My favorite of all your options.

    Beatrix - Not a fan of Beatrice but I think this is a more fun and spunky version of it. My fave of all the Bea- names

    Cordelia - Very pretty but not my style of name. I like the nickname Coral though

    Felicity - same here not my style of name.

    Juliet - very pretty and feminine name without being too frilly. I love this name

    Penelope - I think it is beautiful but after a Kardashian was named Penelope I personally took it off my list

    Philippa - I love the nn Pippa so I definately love this name for the nickname

    Polly - Pretty but I always think "Polly want a cracker?"

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    Anastasia -The best of the bunch. Powerful and pretty. Just don't shorten it to something inconsequential like Ana or Stacey.
    Beatrix - Weird. Would be improved if changed to Beatrice.
    Cordelia - I appreciate this name, but I don't like it. Do you know what I mean? I think it's a strong, excellent choice - I just wouldn't choose it for myself. Just like I think Jillian is prettier than Gillian but I appreciate Gillian so much more.
    Felicity - I will always think of the American Girl doll.
    Juliet - Eh. This one is okay, but I don't love it.
    Penelope - I like this a lot, but it's a little chunky. Also I'm not a fan of the nn Penny.
    Philippa - Hate! Hate! It's just a boys' name with an "-uh" sound tacked onto the end! No!
    Polly - Cutesy and inconsequential. I think of Polly Pockets or a parrot.

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    Favorite Boys:
    Archer, Blake, Bryce, Chandler, Charles/Charlie, Clark, Clayton, Clyde, Graham, Harlan, Rhett, Slade, Tate, Wyatt, Zane

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    Anastasia - This is my middle name, I love it. It's beautiful, however it is quite a lot of name for a little girl.
    Beatrix - I prefer Beatrice, Beatrix just looks strange to me.
    Cordelia - I always think of the Anne of Green Gables books, Anne always wants to be called Cordelia. Pretty name!
    Felicity - Love this name! So happy go lucky sounding.
    Juliet - Pretty.
    Penelope - Love, love, love this one. It was my DH/my top list, but we have a relative who named her daughter that.
    Philippa - I don't like the sound of this one, but I do like nn Pippa or Pip.
    Polly - This one is fine, it's not my style, but I can see the appeal.

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    Anastasia - I used to like this name until I actually heard it on the playground. It sounded heavy and cumbersome. It also makes me think of anesthesia.
    Beatrix - Love. And love the nn Bea!
    Cordelia - I like it in theory, but I don't know what the nn would be... Cord?
    Felicity - I can't separate this name from the 90's show.
    Juliet - Cute, but I don't like the possible nns Jules/Julie/Juju? But it's short enough it might not need to have a nn though.
    Penelope - Ok, but I don't like the nn Penny.
    Philippa - Love. I heard it in a movie where the girl used the nn Pippa, and I thought it was adorable!
    Polly - Parrot name, sorry!

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