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    Iris, Cora, or...? Down to the wire!

    3 weeks from due date and we can't come up with a name we love. Our last name is Irish, similar to McCarthy. We want to use a family name for the middle and it will probably be Lucille after my maternal grandmother. She will be a little sister to Julian. We had originally agreed on Iris before finding out we were having a girl, but once we knew for sure I lost my confidence. Specifically, I'm not sure about the flow of Iris (McCarthy). Does it sound almost like Irish? Cora is another favorite of mine and I like the flow of Cora Lucille but I fear it is very popular right now. We like classic names. Names in top 100 are okay if they are not too "of the moment". Some other names on our list include:

    Miriam nn Miri (not sure about final m flowing into last name M)
    Helen nn Nell
    Maple nn Mae (an outlier as clearly not a classic but I like the sound better than Mabel)

    Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    My favorite is Cora Lucille. Though it is currently #100 in popularity, I think it is nice enough for that to be overlooked. My favorite name for a long time has been Aria, then (of course) once we get pregnant with a girl it busts into the top 100 for the first time ever. I understand your hesitation! And though we can't use Aria for other reasons (because of our surname), I would still use it if we could...if that makes sense. The point is, if you love the name, use it!

    I like Iris, it's lovely, but there's always been something about the name that stops me from using it. Not sure what it is. I do like Isis better. Anyways, out of all your names, Cora wins!

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    I love Iris, and I would never mistake it for Irish.

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    Love Iris more then Cora. Iris Lucille & Cora Lucille both have a nice flow.

    Another combo I like from your list is Mabel Lucille.
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    First off, I love Lucille. It's absolutely gorgeous: elegant, pretty, yet uncommon. Perfection! I also think Julian is absolutely gorgeous: it's high up on my own boys' list.
    I'm not sure that Iris Lucille works - more because of the repeating 's/c' sounds. WDYT of Ivy Lucille McCarthy?
    Other suggestions for the baby sister of Julian McCarthy:
    Annabel Lucille McCarthy (this gives you 'Belle' as an option; and (to me) has similar sounds to Mabel)
    Margot Lucille McCarthy (too many 'M's happening?)
    Eva Lucille McCarthy (I think this has a similar 'feel' to Cora, and it's lovely with Julian)
    Helena Lucille McCarthy (similar to Helen but somehow it's a little more fun and elegant for me. I don't know why! Nell is a gorgeous nn, too)
    Caroline Lucille McCarthy
    Best of luck!

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