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    My name is Cora, I loved it growing up.. No one had it, always a surprise, no nicknames, I was able to make it my own & everyone remembered it. I do hear its becoming popular & im only 22 but still never met another cora or coralie ect.

    However I love Iris, I loved it from young, I wanted to use it but my family compared it to a dog which was offensive to me. They also made the connection of iris of your eye but I still love it.. I would definitely use it without a doubt, beautiful with your surname & middle

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    1 Iris - I love this name and it sounds fine with your Irish surname
    2 Helen nn Nell - I think this name sounds smashing with McCarthy.
    3 Mabel - If you don't mind alliteration, this name has a lot of vintage charm

    I love the combo of Cora Lucille but I don't like the repetitive "kuh" sounds of Cora McCarthy. The flow between the first name and surname is MORE important than the fn and mn combo.
    All the best,

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    Cora Lucille is really nice. I like it better than Iris Lucille "McCarthy". Iris does sometimes sound like Irish, but I do love it.
    On your list I also love Belle. Belle is sweeter than the popular Bella.
    Belle Lucille doesn't flow though.

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    I like Cora, Helen and Miriam best. Iris is my fourth favorite and I don't think it would be confused with Irish.

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    From your list my favourite is Cora Lucille as long as the 'Carthy' part isn't in your LN, if it was McNeill or any other name then it's wonderful, as long as the LN doesn't have a 'car' sound in it.

    I like Iris, but it doesn't have as much appeal as Cora to me, it's a little lacking in magic if that makes sense.

    From your list I absolutely adore Mabel, I don't know why as I usually despise 'belle' names, as I find them overly frilly, but Mabel to me, is just the perfect blend of strength, sweetness and magic.

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