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    Need a Girls Name

    I need a name for the main character in a story. I also posted this in the writer's forum but only got one reply. I'm hoping to have more luck here.

    Here's a short description:

    She's 24 years old and a journalist. She writes for a major paper in NYC, and is one of the top journalists. She has a sweet and gentle personality but can be tough and strong when needed (that's how she worked her way up).

    She's about 5'4 with curly, dark brown hair that she likes to wear up. She wears glasses and has big, dark blue eyes. She's never seen without a pen and notepad in her hand. She's also always on the go, ready to get the scoop on the next "big thing". She's very friendly and outgoing. She can be patient when needed and loves animals. She has a gray kitten named Hugo and lives in a small, cozy apartment that's filled with books and old newspapers. She loves to read and gets her inspiration and passion for journalism by reading old columns from the papers.

    Names I'm considering for the character:
    Elizabeth Wren

    I'm not sure if I still want Sophie and if I choose Ardyn I'll probably use this spelling because it seems more feminine. My favorite at the moment is Lorraine.

    Other suggestions are welcome.
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    Lorraine sounds more like someone who's 54. Perhaps Lauren?

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    I like Lorraine, but I would give her a nickname that you use most of the, Lori. I think some of the others are a little too trendy and, perhaps, trying too hard to be hip sounding. They're great names, but like "Bella Swan", Ember and Ardyn are way too contrived. What about something unique but not too weird like Vera or Robyn? Or Amber instead of Ember? sounds like a good character.

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    @rkrd: I'm not a fan of Lauren but thanks for the suggestion

    @laurelrobyn: I was thinking of giving her a nn but I don't like Lori or Raine. Lori feels dated to me and I just don't like Raine, it's not my style. I like Vera so I'll have to consider that. I prefer Ember over Amber though because I have bad associations with the name Amber.

    Any nn ideas for Lorraine or any other suggestions would be great
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    I like Lorraine the best... Maybe Rae or Lora as a nn?

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