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Thread: Griffin?

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    How popular has this name actually gotten in real use? What do you think of it? How do you think it would fit with sibs named Phoenix, David, Brody, Nash, Silas? MN suggestions please, something fun and uncommon, but not too weird. Thanks

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    I don't know any Griffins here so I don't think it's very popular. It fits with your sibset just right but maybe you would want something more classic to go with David? He will be kind of left out, honestly.
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    Popularity kind of depends on where you live but (assuming your in the US - cause I have those stats at hand):
    2012 there were 1656 Griffin's were born (17f & 1639m)
    2011 there were 1576 Griffin's were born (11f & 1565m)
    2010 there were 1532 Griffin's were born (18f & 1514m)
    2000 there were 1482 Griffin's were born (14f & 1468m)
    1990 there were 289 Griffin's were born (12f & 277m)
    1980 there were 67 Griffin's were born (8f & 59m)

    Last year there were about 33 children in every state were given the name Griffin. So not overly popular at all. (The first Harry Potter book was released in 1997. My initial thought was that the book would have made the name more popular but that isn't necessarily the only factor when you consider the pre-HP jump).

    I like Griffin Harvey, Griffin Ernest, Griffin Eoin, and Griffin Lior.
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    I agree that David is a bit of the odd man out in that set.

    Griffin is fine, a bit more unique than the rest of your set but not terribly so.

    I've only ever known one Griffin and she was a girl.

    Griffin Cody? too close to Brody?
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    I disagree with pps, in that I think David and Griffin make great brothers, very Welsh. Griffin actually ties the sibset together well, and it's a lovely choice, in my opinion. I'd probably do something like Griffin Edward to match up even better with David. Also love the suggestion of Griffin Ernest.

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